8 two-storey homes to draw inspiration from

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
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For those of you looking to write your own story with a two story home, here is the perfect ideabook. If home really is where the heart is then look no further because you will find all the answers you need right here. Discover these 8 two storied homes before you build your own. 

1. A modern fascade

There are quite a few standout features in this home. Firstly, it comes with a traditional charm that is perfected with the choice of contrasting black and white. It also showcases an intersection of planes. In order to highlight this feature, a stone wall is picked out making this the best of both worlds. 

2. Petite and graceful

While this might appear to be a simple design, it takes a second look to notice the amalgamation of colors and textures. The left portion depicts a modern facade with a frame to highlight the upper floor. Basic colors are toyed with in this section. It's counterpart though, combines vibrant colors of varied shapes and sizes. 

3. An intersection of planes

An intersection of three planes at varied perspectives make this design a standout. It beautifully combines white, gray and brown panes creating a very modern design. 

Look into this wonderful ideabook for more inspiration!

4. Big, bold and beautiful

For those of you who appreciate the larger things in life, here's a bone for you to pick! With ultimate precision, this two story building comes in white with the right combination of elements, colors and greenery. 

5. Traditional

Traditional designs can also serve as a means of inspiration if you like. With large windows as well as smaller ones, this design makes use of shapes and light exceptionally well. 

6. Sealed from the exterior

Concealed away, maintaining total privacy is this next design. For those of you who like to live private lives, this is a good idea as it discloses nothing about the activities of your home. 

7. White at its best

Minimalist ideas complete every list, and this one is not different! An all white ensemble with portions highlighted with brown, wooden textures makes this design simple irresistible. 

Here's another lovely two storey home for you to explore.

8. It's all in the measurements

Distinction prevails predominantly in this next design. With large windows, there is an illusion of a much larger house. That, plus the added wood in the facade make this a great idea to incorporate in your next home. 

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