8 modern kitchens to inspire you to renew yours

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Breakfast, the last glass of water before bedtime, conversations after work while preparing dinner… the kitchen  is much more than a space for preparing of exquisite dishes. It is where we experience a lot, not just in terms of flavour. Often integrated with other environments such as  living rooms  or dining rooms, modern kitchens are charming spaces that combine aesthetics and functionality with the sole purpose of responding to the needs of each of its users.

Finding the balance between both aspects implies a meticulous process, which involves contemplating the most practical aspects of organising the space, whether it is the cabinets, drawers or other elements. To solve the aesthetic issues everything should be in balance – colours, materials and furniture. In this ideabook, we propose a tour of 8 modern kitchen projects with great ideas to inspire you to decorate yours.

1. A kitchen full of details

When it comes to kitchen decoration, the pursuit of harmony is fundamental. So much so that every detail, however small, makes all the difference in the final result. The key to getting a functional space that allows you to optimize its use is to analyse the resources available and to question how you want to use the space. 

In this first example, the modern kitchen combines beautiful design and practicality into a single space. From the furniture to the chosen colour palette, each element fits perfectly to create a useful space full of charm.

2. Modern with bright finishes

Lighting is a key aspect in the design of modern kitchens, so it deserves special attention. Whenever possible, it is advisable to have adequate natural lighting to bring a warm and comfortable feel to the environment. 

It is also important to complement the natural light with well-designed artificial lighting as well as the finishes chosen for the furniture. Bright surfaces, for example, reflect light and create a cool atmosphere.

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3. The right furniture

In architecture, practicality does not go against attractive aesthetics. In fact, the choice of furniture is fundamental to achieve the balance between both aspects, especially in modern kitchens. A clever way to bring in the desired modernity is by using pieces that reflect your personality. 

Shelves, like those used in this kitchen, follow the contemporary lines of the rest of the furniture as well as the coatings.

4. Lovely kitchens

Traditional elements also have a place in modern kitchens. The typical bench seen in old kitchens is a perfect example of this. Having a dining room or pantry within the kitchen is acceptable even in contemporary designs. 

If the space allows it, integrating a dining room will make your kitchen more than a place for cooking. It will become a meeting place for the family.

We have more ideas on how to integrate the dining room and the kitchen.

5. Contemporary design

The evolution of interior design has completely transformed kitchens into more social environments. 

The integration of spaces is a trend seen in many modern kitchen layouts. This kitchen has a functional island and a breakfast counter, all following contemporary lines and details. In short, it is a perfect example of what we wanted to show in this ideabook.

6. Black and white

Although there are many variants, the combination of black and white in the finishes of the kitchen is always a safe bet. White is the colour that best represents cleanliness and serenity, two characteristics that are a prerequisite for a pleasant environment, while black provides the elegance needed for a kitchen full of personality. Add to that the modernity of the lines that dominate the rest of the elements, and you will have the perfect recipe for a unique contemporary kitchen.

Are you brave enough for a black kitchen?

7. Playing with colours

One of the advantages of opting for modern kitchen design is to be able to use features that are unseen in other styles. For example, enjoy the game of contrasts through different shades, like in this project, where the furniture is dominated by dark green with other details in yellowish tones, white walls and lilac chairs.

8. The importance of furniture

As we have already mentioned, the furniture that is chosen for the kitchen is vital, especially when it comes to composing a contemporary and attractive space.  Observe this final example in our selection of ideas for a modern kitchen. The glossy finish of the furniture brings undisputed elegance to the space, conveying sophistication and functionality in equal parts.

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