40 ideas for a magical modern living room

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In today’s article, we look at the basic configuration of living rooms. We do not want to disrespect or disregard other rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, but let’s face it, the living room has become the most important space in the home. It is multi-functional and offers an area for fun, leisure, study and relaxation. It’s a space where the whole family can gather, both during the week as well as on the weekends.

The main elements remain the same as always, but this year, especially, we see a simplification in relation to the furniture. Less furniture, more style! The colours for modern living rooms are also moving towards less drastic or radical choices. In the 40 photos today, we show you the latest ideas for living rooms, which use a mixture of modern design and a palette of neutral and pastel colours.

For Indian homes, the television zone is undoubtedly one of the key details that cannot be overlooked. This wall needs to be beautiful and functional. Often, it is created using a structure of plasterboard, with shelves and niches that enhance its function.

1. Beige with texture added by the stone-clad background wall

2. L-shaped sofa, plush carpet and a unique highlight from graffiti-themed vinyl coating on the cabinets

3. Large television, embedded into the plaster wall, which reflects the area to increase its amplitude

4. Neutral with splashes of green and nature-inspired elements

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5. A clever niche shelf with an in-built fireplace, storage for books and an extended ledge for the TV

6. L-shaped seating with green elements such as the cushions and potted plants as well as a view of the greenery on the terrace

7. Minimalist white and grey with semi-circular seating and straight-lined storage

8. An open-plan with white furniture, wooden flooring and soft lighting, with additional illumination from the modern lamps

9. Grey, white and organized

10. Another grey and white room with touches of classic design such as the whimsical bird-cage chandelier and floor-to-ceiling drapes

11. Cosy with L-shaped seating and red cushions

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12. Modern meets classic: The chandelier, sofa and curtains are modern, while the carpet, painting and hutch cabinet are reminiscent of a bygone era

13. Luxurious look with a large L-shaped sofa, modern lampshades and beautiful printed wallpaper

14. Neutral with contrasts brought by the olive-green upholstery and the paintings

15. Modern and rustic – the furniture is modern, the ceiling rustic

16. White with colourful accents brought in by the carpet and cushions

17. Beige and white with contrast provided by the art-deco inspired floor

18. Beige and white with contrast provided by the art-deco inspired floor

20. Focus on the television with interesting lighting

21. Making the most of the natural light by integrating indoor and outdoor spaces

22. Predominantly white with mild contrasts in grey and brown

23. Neutral shades with a yellow highlight

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24. Minimalist and modern with a grey and white palette

25. A linear arrangement for the TV and storage

26. Classic luxury

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27. Neutral with cubes of yellow

28. Modern meets eclectic

29. Long storage unit that provides a place for the TV and extends to connect the dining area

30. Grey and white get warmth due to the cosy arrangement

31. Modern elegance

32. All white with warmth from wood

33. Modern with a classic carpet

34. Shades of white and brown with bright accents

35. Magical illumination and wallpaper provide the perfect background for the grey and white tones

36. Grey and white with colourful art and furniture

37. Everything at a lower height – the seating, fireplace and TV

38. Modern grey and white with contrasting mosaic flooring

39. Neutral shades with a shelf partition between spaces and bright colours in the dining area

40. Predominantly grey with a bright orange contrast from the carpet

Which of these designs is your favourite? Respond in the comments.

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