15 brilliant living room feature wall coverings

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Dramatic Bold spaces Papersky Studio Rustic style living room
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Creating a striking feature wall in your living room is a fantastic and inspired way to freshen up an otherwise stale interior design scheme and if you're only going to be focussing on one surface, you can afford to go all out and be more daring, right? Ask any creative interior designer and they'll tell you that there are endless possibilities in terms of wall finishes that will demonstrate your naturally good taste, as well as your penchant for unique design nuances. Regardless of whether you're looking to create a super contemporary aesthetic or a more eclectic family home, we've found some terrific wall covering options to show you today, so let's dive in and liven up your living room!

1. Wood and plaster.

Natural and manmade finishes contrast and complement each other so well. Super smooth plaster and textural wood offer up a banquet of gorgeous variation that serves as the perfect focal point for a stylish living room.

2. Bold paint.

Dramatic Bold spaces Papersky Studio Rustic style living room
Papersky Studio

Dramatic Bold spaces

Papersky Studio

We know that paint isn't a new innovation, but it can be a little scary to just leap in and take the plunge with a vibrant hue. Painting a single wall in your living room in a shade that is far more eye-catching than all the others is a wonderful idea and you can afford to go a whole lot more vivid!

3. Gorgeous granite.

Nothing says luxury quite like polished granite but when it's used on your walls, the effect is amplified even more. Offering a neutral tone but opulent finish, granite could be a great way to tap into an industrial living room design aesthetic.

4. Indoor greenery.

For all of you that love a spot of gardening and natural touches, an indoor vertical garden is a truly magnificent way to liven up a living room. Tie in a few green sofa cushions as well and suddenly, you have a really different yet cohesive aesthetic.

5. Mosaic tiles.

Mosaic tiles aren't just for bathrooms and kitchens, as they look utterly incredible up on a living room wall as well. Choose slightly shimmery ceramics and as the natural light hits them, they will radiate a gorgeous effect into your space.

6. Magnificent marble.

If you were intrigued by the idea of granite but perhaps fancy taking things to an even more elevated plain, how about marble? Chic, timeless and nothing short of opulent, marble wall panels will create a stunning and cool vibe in your living room and allow for some tonally terrific extra touches.

7. Stone and plaster.

While wood and plaster is a wonderful combination, you might like something with a little more of a stark contrast. Stone and plaster tread the line between soft and hard finishes so perfectly and really highlight the best parts of both. Imagine a stone TV wall in your home!

8. Bare brick.

Sometimes, the simple solutions are the best, which is why a stripped wall is a great option to consider. Why add more elements when removing a few can give you such a warm and natural aesthetic? Plus, a few pieces of framed artwork will really pop on a brick wall.

9. Timber cladding.

Wood cladding is usually more of an external design element but look at how amazing it looks on a living room wall! Stylish, different and a wonderful way to disguise uneven walls surfaces, we are definitely sold on this idea!

10. Polished ceramics.

Ceramic wall panels are gorgeous and the perfect way to create a super smooth and sleek finish in your living room. With some specific lighting in place, the wall panels would help to bounce light around the room and make it feel as large as possible.

11. Ornate mouldings.

For more heritage homes, traditional wall finishes are a great way to respect the age of a property while also adding some serious personality. These inset mouldings look beautiful and would work with a splash of colour on them as well. 

12. Polished concrete.

Living room open plan homify Modern living room

Living room open plan


Concrete is exploding in terms of interior design popularity right now, so if you favour a minimalist or understated look in your home, we think you'll definitely want to consider some polished screed. So daring and yet somehow natural, polished concrete walls are a great way to tap into the grey trend.

13. Global inspiration.

Are there any world travellers reading this article? Well, it's time to turn your passion into inspiration fro your living room! Carved decorative sconces make for utterly beguiling and beautiful feature walls and will make every evening feel as though you're still on your travels!

14. 3D plastic panels.

Here's a modern idea that could have a retro application. 3D printed plastic wall panels can be designed to take on any shape or pattern and will liven up any living room wall. We really like the idea of choosing a more retro design and creating a really funky focal point.

15. Striking wallpaper.

La Nouva Residence Ori - Architects Modern living room

La Nouva Residence

Ori - Architects

Finally, we couldn't talk about living room feature walls without giving an honourable mention to wallpaper! In recent years, the designs have become exceptionally beautiful, elegant and luxurious and more than that; application methods have improved too. With paste the wall varieties, you can simply peel them off when you fancy a change and try something new. 

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