Plastic fantastic! Making your garden furniture sparkle

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Fern Garden Garden Arts Tropical style garden
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So you are finally hosting an outdoor barbecue party for your friends. A long drawn plan coordinating for weeks getting everything in place, but there's only one problem. The garden furniture was pretty abandoned all this while and is super dirty. Good news is, that plastic furniture is fairly easy to maintain (and that's one of the reasons for its popularity).Get it ready for the big party by cleaning it back to its sparkly old self.  Cleaning your garden furniture won't be a lot much hard work. Follow these simple steps to clean your garden furniture so that you are ready to host your guests and enjoy with them in the outdoors.

Brush or rinse off any loose dust and debris

Fern Garden Garden Arts Tropical style garden
Garden Arts

Fern Garden

Garden Arts

First do a dry round of cleaning. So dust off the first layer of dirt with a cloth or brush. A cane inspired plastic sofa like this one will need a brush for its peculiar surface while smooth surface furniture cleaning can be easily accomplished with a cloth duster. A rinse is also effective to get rid of loose dust and debris from dirty outdoor garden furniture

Collect the necessary cleaning supplies

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Then, get the necessary cleaning supplies. Duster brushes, cloth, water, cleaning agents or soaps and buckets are all that would be needed for the job. Choose the right texture of brush and cloth for the furniture. Though plastic is fairly sturdy and insensitive to harsh surfaces, any paint on the furniture may be damaged due to rough cleaning.

Mix Cleaning Solution

After doing the first round of dry—cleaning, wipe with a cleaning agent. Choose the right cleaning agent as some harsh chemicals may be not suitable for your plastic furniture. A basic soap solution with water or baking soda diluted in measure will do the job in most cases, though some companies have specific products catering to cleaning outdoor furniture. Mix the same in recommended quantities with water.

Rinse with water

Post the soapy wash, rinse with loads of water to remove all dirt and grime. Make sure all the soap is washed off completely as any residue might leave stains on your furniture. Some cleaning agents may even react to the plastic causing damage later. So a thorough rinse is crucial. You can already see the sparkly new furniture after the water rinse!

Dry with a soft cloth

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Recycled industrial towel rail [Standard]


You do not want any speck of moisture left out on the furniture surface. Cloth dry it soon. Though water would not cause any harm to the plastic furniture, wipe it dry with a soft cloth so that there are no stains and the furniture is ready to be used. Many home owners prefer water to be drained on its own though that takes a little while and may not be suitable for all kinds of texture. Drying in the sun makes sure that there is no ounce of dampness leftover which could otherwise lead to warp or mildew on your furniture.

Use the cleaning to solution

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After the basic chairs and tables have been cleaned well, use the cleaning to solution to scrub the cushion covers. Since the cushion covers for outdoor sofas are made out of waterproof materials, use the cleaning solution for spot cleaning. A quick wipe will be good enough to clean them. If they are in a really bad state and need a deeper cleaning, remove and put them in the washing machine. Line them dry and they'll be ready to be put back on. There are some beautiful outdoor furniture ideas worth looking at.

Plastic is great for the outdoors as it is non reactive, sturdy, low cost and low maintenance. But it does require some work as it bears the brunt; from dust, storm, rain and sun! Fret not when you want to make your garden furniture sparkle just like new. The right supplies and little time investment will give you results just like a professional. 

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