A beautiful home in Vadodara on a small budget

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This beautiful home has been designed on a limited budget, as per the request of clients. However, the elegantly furnished and decorated home doesn't look like it's been designed on a budget though. Although it's not extravagant in anyway, it isn't completely ordinary either. The apartment has a sophisticated kind of simplicity that is difficult not to like. Curious to find out more about this home and take a peek? So join us on a tour of this lovely home designed by Spaceplus, based in Vadodara. We hope you will be inspired to beautify your home after you browse through this article. Also, don't forget to leave us a comment at the end!

Earthy with a hint of purple!

We absolutely love the color scheme of this living room—earthy with a hint of purple! The light shades of brown and cream create a natural earthy feel, while the hints of purple add a splash of color that is invigorating to the whole ambiance. The walls and flooring are bright white, creating a spacious feel. A stencil painting of the Buddha graces one of the walls and is highlighted by a wall lamp that fits perfectly on the crown of Buddha's head. 

Matching patterns

As you can see here, the designers have used the same material they used for the curtains to create an accent wall behind the bed. This creates a feeling of continuity in the room which makes it feel wholesome and organized.The fake ceiling above the bed brings the fan closer to the bed, and also defines the center of the bedroom. Browse through bedrooms here on homify for more inspiration and ideas. 

A dining room radiating in blue

This dining room radiating in blue creates an overall soothing effect, which is not a bad ambiance to have while you are eating a meal. The accent wall adjacent to the dining table has layers, giving it a three-dimensional look, and the light blue intricately patterned wallpaper is highlighted by white lights framing it. 

A lovely casual looking yellow pendant lamp hangs above the dining table, adding more light and coloUr to the room. The dining room is minimally decorated with two small posters on the wall and a big blue vase with a bouquet of flowers in the corner. 

An eye for detail

This lovely home has an eye for detail. Some parts of the ceiling and the walls have fake panels with beautiful floral motifs installed. Pictured here, we also see a wooden panel ingrained with patterns and lights. We did not expect a home limited on a budget to have so much of detail, but the designers have surprised us yet again. 

Mirror, mirror in the bedroom

This bedroom has a contemporary looking, huge full length mirror adjacent to the bed. The mirror has diagonal shapes cutting across it, creating an interesting effect. Otherwise, this bedroom is a pretty plain and ordinary bedroom, but the mirror really jazzes it up. The golden colored cushions add a touch of unexpected glam to the bedroom as well. 

Creating artwork

Here we see the designers have created their own matching artwork for the bedroom by framing up the material used for the curtains. This is a creative and affordable way to beautify and unify any room in the house. In this bedroom, we also see how the use of wood gives it a polished rustic look. 

We have now come to the end of our tour. We hope you enjoyed this tour of a beautiful home designed on a limited budget as much as we did. For more inspiration and ideas for your home, have a look at a home oozing with style

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