​Trendy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Interior Lovers

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Come Valentine’s day each year and lovers scramble to buy gifts they hope their beloved will cherish. It does require care in selecting a gift to ensure that it is well received and is appreciated. In such case, selecting a Valentine’s day gift that will suit the taste of your loved one will be more to the point. The purpose of a gift on this occasion is to express feelings of your heart. A gift should also be chosen to suit the recipient's personality. It can be purely ornamental or functional or both.  When you choose a gift that the recipient likes and also finds some use for it, then you can be sure it will give happiness to both. Price is no consideration. You can just as well buy a low cost item but, if it appeals to the heart it serves the purpose. Of the many interesting accessories here are a few you can choose.

Stunning wallpaper

A surefire way of telling how much you love her is to gift her a beautiful wallpaper that can brighten up her bedroom. If abstracts are what she loves then a colorful wallpaper with motifs relying on the use of colors and shapes might be just what appeals to her heart. It will grace a wall of her bedroom and remind her of you. The charm of selecting a piece of art or a painting is that there is no limit to the variety. A landscape scene is just as welcome as one of a flower arrangement in highlighting a wall in her home. It becomes a permanent reminder of you and moments you spend with each other. A candle burns up. A wallpaper lasts for a lifetime. Moreover, each time one looks at a painting one can discover something new and magical in it.  Pick a miniature one or a large one but make sure to inspect her room first to make sure it will not clash with the décor such as objets d’art.


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Candles never go out of fashion as a gift item. Each time he or she lights the candle, your memory comes alive. However, for this Valentine’s day, gift your loved one a candle of a different kind. There are dozens of varieties to select from, of which the scented candle as a gift can be exactly what is expected. Candles symbolize romance. A scented aromatic pillar type thick candle in red color that exudes the fragrance of roses will add a touch of the exotic to the interior. Sit down to a dinner for two with the lighted candle and love blossoms. You can just as well select a jar candle in red, the jar sitting prettily on the table. For something even more exotic, you could choose a glitter ball pillar candle with its curved, hemispheric look and carved flowers on all sides. It looks good, smells good and feels good, bringing a point of interest to the interior. For more beautiful candle designs, checkout the products by Amelia Candles, interior designers from UK. 

Objets d’art

A true art lover appreciates the value of objets d’art. Pick one as this year’s valentine day gift and it will not only make a special place in her or his heart for you but, will also enhance their room’s décor. It can be as elaborate and exquisite as a finely done carving in jade, marble or wood. Or, it can be nouveau art in the form of abstracts created using resin, paraffin and natural materials. If you lack for ideas, look for some novel creations on homify. From an unusually shaped ceramic pot, to a nicely curved wrought iron flower pot stand, there is no lack of choices. A bronze sculpture is impressive but also expensive. A unique design lamp with a tartan cover for the globe is rather more affordable. Your loved one might just like a simple stone sphere with fluted carved surface. It is simple and elegant as well as timeless. Objets d’art enhance the interior if chosen with care so be sure you have a look at her interior and know her tastes before picking one otherwise settle for cushions.


Cushions are utilitarian. They can also be transformed into wonderful Valentine day gifts provided they carry a symbolic message of love. Cushions with embroidered covers with appropriate text message entwined in a heart send the message across so tellingly. Working on the premise that an image is worth a thousand words you could pick cushions printed with cartoon characters exchanging a kiss. Be a bit more elaborate and pick not just one cushion but four, each one a part of the whole that carries a complete message. The cushions need not carry an image or text. Simple embroidered flowers along one corner are more than enough. Here again it would be worth picking a design and style that matches the interiors as well as her tastes. You would not want them dumped unceremoniously. Perhaps chairs might be a better idea?


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If the love of your life is an interior designer or has a yen for it then a chair, shaped like a heart, all in red, is certain to catch her fancy and become her favorite seat. If chairs already exist, as they no doubt do, then you could enhance them with chair covers, symbolically embellished with a heart. A chair need not be a traditional one with wooden legs. It can be a lovely bean bag in the shape of a heart or lip shaped. You can be sure she will just love to use it with the comfort reminding her of your comforting arms. If this sounds like too much then a simple cube with the top emblazoned with a heart will surely find a place in her house and her heart. After all, it is the thought that matters. Whether you pick a heart shaped chair, a heart shaped bean bag or a simple cube, just make sure it will suit her taste and her interiors. Women are rather sensitive about these things.

DIY world map

A map is one way to adorn walls. A plain map is not of much use as a piece of décor enhancing accessory. Instead, pick a DIY world Map. You can even do it yourself. You can be as elaborate as you like or as simple as you please. Just buy a large world map and trace the contents. The shape and size of the contents can be cut out from various pieces of paper, fabric, prints, wood or plastic. You can even use natural items. For instance, apply a layer of glue and sprinkle dried grass after dyeing them in various colours. Get laser cut outlines in wood and affix them over the continents. Make a large sized photo print that can be cut out to the shape of the continents and glue them in place. Voila, the map is transformed into an objet d’art that she will love to have on her wall.


Cups are favorites as Valentine’s day gifts. A plain pair of cups can be transformed by getting your and her images printed on the outside, personalising them into items she will cherish. You could buy an entire set of 6 or 12, each with a different print and message. The problem is that everyone else you know is gifting cups on this happy occasion. The trick to standing out is to go for designer ware from specialist studios. Search for cups in stone or ceramics in unusual shapes. You would be surprised at the variety. There are cups with teeth along the rim, cups with a giraffe’s neck for a handle, cups with zipper designs, a slanted mug that will sit comfortably in the lap, cups shaped like computer keyboard keys and the really zany cups with moustaches. If your feelings are truly explosive, how about a grenade cup to blow her away?

Valentine’s day is about love and showing your love in a concrete shape in the form of a Valentine’s day gift. Select a gift with care and find a permanent place in her heart. If you are looking to know more about LED lights and their advantages over other light sources, here's an ideabook that you shouldn't miss - LED lighting- everything you need to know

Did these new and trendy gifting ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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