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16 modern and magnificent double height rooms

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In the language of architects and interior designers, double height room means the room that has its ceiling at a considerable height. Normally the ceiling is 9-11 ft high. In double- height rooms, it tends to be twice or sometimes a little bit less or more than twice the normal height. The double-height room has its own advantages. It is roomier and is flooded with natural lights in the day. When the sun is shining outside, we don’t actually need artificial lights to brighten up the room.

But… it comes with great challenges too. Decorating a double-height room requires a lot of brain-storming and often you need a professional help to fill up the huge space. If not done properly, the room will be unattractive and a big void clamouring for some attention and aesthetic sense.  So here we are to accept the challenge. We have come up with 16 amazing pictures of double-height room, the modern and elegant design and décor of which will leave you mesmerized.

1. Highlighting the height

To create a powerful impact in the interior of a double-height of room it is important to highlight the height and make it the center of attraction of the room. This room which usually is the living room is the most popular space of the house where the family and friends love to hang around making the most of the openness and spaciousness of this area. To make the space impactful, define a focal point and then highlight it enough to make it sensationally attractive.

2. Merging inside with outside

Design a perfectly maintained beautiful garden outside to get a spectacular view from inside visible through the floor to ceiling glass doors. Nature will come right inside your room.

​3. Hanging from above

Hanging lamps from above is the most common way to decorate a room, be it of normal or double height ceiling. The trick is to select the lamps that will fill the huge empty space between the floor and ceilings and also become the focal point to attract the attention. The hanging lamps will add style and decorative touch to the room.

​4. Floating with the space

The double height entrance hall design gives a feeling of openness and brings in fluidity into the atmosphere. But if you have a double-height room and other rooms are integrated or visible from there, it is important to maintain the privacy and separate the private area from the social space. Use of glass can cut the sound and noise and isolate the room thus protecting the privacy of the residents.

​5. The warmth of wood

Large space is bright and spacious but it is hard to decorate it and it feels cold and uninviting. To make it warm and cozy the upper section is designed like a corridor and filled with the warmth of wood and calmness of warm colours. Together they will bring in elegance and warmth and it will fill the room with breathtaking comfort.

​6. Play with the fire

The beauty of huge space is that it gives you the liberty to play with large and elaborate decorative elements. In this beautiful room the height of the fireplace is complementing the size of the space and spreading warmth in the environment.

​7. A piece of art adorning the wall

If the view from the large window is not very appealing, then divert the attention from there and make the wall adjacent to the window the focal point of the room. To do it successfully, paint this wall differently from the rest of the walls and place a monumental piece of art on the wall that is in harmony with the dimension of the room and the height of the wall.

​8. The elegance of texture

Texture plays an important role in the decoration of the room. It enhances the design to give it a unique characteristic and depth to the décor. The touch and feel of the space depends on the selection of materials. Wood and stone is the most apt material to use if you want to bring in chic style with cozy warmth and natural elegance. Release your creativity; play with the texture on the walls and floors, add unevenness to create a bit of drama in the double height lobby and spread some youthful charm and infuse the space with artistic excellence.

​9. Paying attention to the details

The double-height rooms have colder environment than the normal height rooms. It is important to bring in the warmth through the furniture, furnishing and decorations. Paying attentions to detailing will make a huge difference. Velvet and leather fills the room with warmth and elegance and when matched with soft carpet under the feet, it creates magic. Shine of the long lamps and the freshness of the green plants in this region painted in neutral tones makes it a magnificent space.

10. Matching up with the space

It is important to choose the decorative elements that will match up with the dimension of this double height ceiling. Size matters especially if you want the space to look stylishly elegant.

​11. Just one art piece on the wall

We have talked about placing paintings on the wall. But instead of putting on several paintings just use one beautiful art piece to adorn the wall and let it fill the space with its splendour. If there is a beautiful garden outside then bring the freshness inside through the large glass doors. Create harmony and intimacy by selecting right colours and arranging the furniture in a proper way.

12. Contemporary combination of wood and glass

The coolness of glass is perfectly complemented by the warmth of wood and together they create a magnificent space. Everything about this double height living room like the long lamps hanging from above, huge painting, perfectly sized furniture and other details have enough texture and ideal colours to liven up the space.

​13. Elegantly sophisticated

The curtains play an important role in any room. It is a decorative element and also essential for its functionality. Choose the curtains to enhance the style of the space and decorate it with élan. Opt for the curtains or blinds which are easy to handle and can maintain your privacy and cut out the lights when needed.

​14. The freshness and calmness of neutral shades

The freshness and calmness of neutral shades spread all over the space will bring in uniformity and harmony into the room. Instead of hiding the vastness of the space use it and turn it into a magnificent room.

​15. Celebrating the grandeur

If you have it, flaunt it! Double-height rooms have become quite uncommon these days. Enjoy the fascinating charm and majesty of the room full of vibrant energy, lights and freshness that has a false ceiling made of glass that you cannot stop admiring.

​16. Mesmerized by the magnificence

Unleash your imagination and show your creative side to fill the space with luxurious charm and splendour. Take a clue from here and enthrall yourself.

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Pool table in a semi rustic house

In this aesthetically designed farmhouse style abode all the essential amenities are present and the design is conceived through three blocks built around a central courtyard. The large living room is charmingly built on two levels with the top section built into a play area.

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