7 things to declutter this month

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With half of January behind us, many of us are successfully sticking to the New Year resolutions & religiously working towards accomplishing them while most of us have long fallen back to our old habits, once again postponing our new resolutions to the next year. In the modern day hustle-bustle, the most common resolution for almost everyone is to maintain neat & organized home spaces. But due to our busy lives, more often than not, we fail to find time to patiently sit through tidying up and simply stash away any loose/ strewn items into the cabinets. Rarely do we sit & dedicate some of our time to actually sort out the clutter from the requisites, cleaning up our storage spaces in the process, be it the wall cabinet in the corridor, bedroom or the utility room shelves. The result – chaotic unsightly living spaces, & a frustrated you! And this is where homify steps in with invaluable home organization tips that no home professionals will generally share.

It still being the first month, we at homify believe that this time is as good as any to start de-cluttering around the home and take a few steps more towards achieving what you resolved to this year. This article offers 7 such things that we often overlook, when cleaning our rooms. Though small, these play a crucial role in tidying up the space and imparting neatness which furthers the visual appeal. Have a read and see for yourself..here we go!

Bedroom wardrobe.

Neatly folded and well-stacked clothes are a great blessing particularly for those busy mornings when you are rushing through your morning chores & hurriedly getting ready for work. Separating the washables from the washed & ironed pieces of clothing saves you from a lot of inconvenience during laundry AND while dressing up, alongside allowing for a lovely time with the family at the breakfast table. So, a well-arranged closet is a true asset.


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'Welcome' Contemporary hallway shoe storage with mirror by Birex


Isn't it frustrating, having to rummage through that pile of shoes to find your favorite pumps, knowing that you are horribly late for that dinner party? This is where an organized shoe-rack comes in handy. You can start with getting rid of the long worn out yet not discarded pairs, divide the space for different kinds of footwear & even have a color specific organization. 

Work cabinetry.

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Everyone of us feels good entering into a tidy home-office with papers neatly arranged in files/ folders sitting in properly defined cabinet shelves and a clean work-desk. And it helps you concentrate better on work,  rather than a messy work-station with papers strewn everywhere & you struggling to identify the useful stuff from the mess. 


Attic is arguably the most favorite place for us to dump whatever we deem unfit for usage at the moment, only to conveniently forget all about it later. In most of the contemporary homes, attic is the most disused space in severe want of a clean-up & with huge untapped potential for utility. Sorting out the usable items from the long forgotten pile and cleaning through the untidy chaos, the attic can be easily converted into a private lounge or a study room.

Kitchen drawers.

Quite often in our kitchens, we come across broken/ defunct utensils & partly damaged crockery carefully preserved thinking that all is not lost and that they can still be used in some way. But this is how we end up cluttering our kitchen cabinets/ drawers and cause discomfort for own selves. Throwing away such kitchenware frees up a lot of storage space, also resulting in well-ventilated, neat looking spaces.

Medicine cabinets.

You open that medicine cabinet in your bathroom and come across some strips of aspirin well beyond their expiry date..sounds familiar? Apart from being dangerously harmful, stacks/ bottles of unusable medicines hog a lot of room. A great move is to toss away all those, tastefully sprucing up the storage space. 


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Miele Mastercool Refrigerator


The good old refrigerator often ends up merely being the dumping ground for eatables, with the home-owners forgetting about what all is stashed inside unless a foul smell begins to emanate from the fridge. Tuna, meat, & sundry other items mostly go bad after a certain period of time inspite of being kept in the fridge. It is therefore advisable to be mindful of the expiry date of the food items before storing in the fridge, and to consume them well within that time frame. Simply stacking up the fridge & creating a smelly mess inside is a NO-NO.

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