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15 ideas to beautify your cement backyard

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When you have a cement floor, it might seem like there is something not quite right or that you have an incomplete project – like you need a few tiles or some other type of flooring. If you are in the process of designing or building your yard, you should bear in mind that having a cement floor can be economical and that you can make it look attractive without using expensive tiles or coatings. There are many great ideas you can use.

You can make many wonderful changes to a simple cement floor in your backyard by painting, polishing, finishing with pebbles or brushing. Here are 15 tips and ideas to make your backyard cement floor look lovely and make it the perfect outdoor space:

1. Shapes

The first idea is simple and you do not need any additional material in the cement. What you can do is integrate cement with green, grassy patches. The idea is to avoid having a huge cemented area that, besides not adding any charm to your outdoor space, would generate a lot of heat during the summer months. Add a small grassy area with rectangular shapes in cement and place outdoor furniture and potted plants to have a comfortable backyard that is ideal for relaxing as well as entertaining.

2. Stamped Cement

If you are going to have a cement floor in your backyard, why not make it stamped cement? You can take your pick from a wide range of stencil designs that can be stamped into the cement. When the floor is in the process of drying, you can place a mould in the form of blocks, bricks, stones or irregular shapes. After the cement dries, what you will find is a unique, original design that you can be sure no one else has in their backyard. You can combine the stamped cement with powder paint for an even more unique, beautiful result. Keep in mind that you should make sure to cover the powder paint with sealant to protect the shapes and colours from wear.

3. Painted Cement

Another option to make a cement floor look more appealing is to get polished cement and paint. You can also get the slab painted after the cement is laid. However, an important thing to keep in mind when you use paint on polished cement, you should cover everything with a sealant as the paint will wear off and not last very long. With sealant, you can make sure that you do not have to paint the cement floor every year or so.

4. Artistic Pieces

There are many ways to make your cement floor unique and visually appealing – all you need is a little creativity. If you would like to have an artistic touch in your backyard but do not think that your cement floor will allow it, you are wrong! Instead of a plain cement floor, you can make a bed of gravel or sand and install a series of concrete pieces in any design you desire. The contrast of the colours and textures will give your yard a rustic yet modern, artistic look.

5. Special Concrete Areas

Do you want greenery in your yard and have a solid floor in your yard without ruining the vegetation? The solution is to install strategically-placed special concrete areas that allow grass and plants to grow. For example, a great idea is to lay cement in long rectangular shapes – these concrete areas can be used to park your car and still have beautiful greenery all around you.

6. Cement Circles

Why not play with shapes and add a unique, charming look to your yard? What you can do is integrate a series of cement circles on the path to your house. You can also use other geometric shapes, depending on your personal preference. Keep the rest of the yard covered with gravel or sand and have areas with plants and flowers for a dash of natural color. Installing lights outdoors can highlight the concrete geometric shapes after dark and make your yard look amazing any time of the day.

7. Stamped Stone

You can have a cement floor that looks nothing like cement! How? Well, the answer is to use a print that makes the cement look like natural stone. A fabulous idea is to use an earthy colour with a slightly darker tone for the divisions, giving an appearance that the stones are joined. This will have a more natural-looking effect and create a stylish, welcoming yard.

8. Vintage Polished Concrete

Everyone loves the vintage look and you can use it on the floor of your yard while still maintaining a contemporary style. Polished cement floors are available in various shades to help you create a glamorous outdoor area. The fantastic thing about these polished floors is that you can use them in any space, including your front or backyard.

9. Brushed Finish

If you would like a cement floor that has a rustic finish, a great idea is to brush the cement while it is still milled. The fibres of the brush will leave perfectly-lined marks. When the cement dries, you will see a rustic effect that makes a superb contrast to a minimalistic or modern style. Additionally, apart from looking beautiful, the result is highly functional as it is non-slip, so you never have to worry about accidents leaving you with painful injuries.

10. Pebble Finish

Another great idea to make a cement floor look more appealing and interesting is to mix small pebbles with river gravel. You get a rustic finish that looks natural and fresh. An advantage of this idea is that it will not be slippery, so you are never in danger of slipping or falling down. You will love the effect of the pebble finish, especially when you have green areas with plants and flowers to add to the natural look.

11. Industrial Finish

 Are you a fan of the modern, industrial style? You will be glad to know that you can incorporate it to your backyard flooring as well as the concrete walls. The trick is to add metal touches in a few areas, such as metal studs and simple metal fences where you can. The final touch is to place interesting metal furniture in the outdoor space. You have the perfect place to enjoy a cool evening or sip a few drinks with guests after dinner.

12. Painted Polished Cement

One of the best ways to make your backyard cement floor look stylish and refined is to use the simplest ideas. An awesome idea is to lay a perfectly polished cement floor that is painted in a colour that will look beautiful throughout the year. Using a fine colour and making sure that it is protected with a sturdy sealant is a simple yet effective way to have an eye-catching cement floor in your outdoor space. It is also very economical, so that is one more reason to go for this idea!

13. Salt Effect

When you have a cement floor with a salt effect, you get a slab of cement that has certain irregular perforations in some parts. What you need to do is add coarse salt grains in the cement, and as the cement hydrates, the salt gets diluted. This is what creates the perforations. The result is an unusual effect that can make your outdoor space look rustic. This is a superb idea if you do not wish to have a cement floor that looks picture perfect.

14. Stone Joints

If you have opted to go with the salt effect for the cement floor in your yard, you can combine it with stone joints. The idea is to lay uniform-sized slabs that are separated by 7- to 10-centimeter strips. Place small pebbles in the strips, and this separates the slabs with a change in texture. The effect is fabulous and you will definitely fall in love with it.

15. Polished Gravel Finish

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If you are opting for the gravel finish for your backyard cement floor, you can take it a step further by getting it perfectly polished and covered with a high-quality sealant. This will make your cement floor glow while still maintaining its rustic, rugged texture. It is sure to brighten up your outdoor floor and give it a modern twist – this would be an ideal place for an outdoor dining room.

As you can see, the cement floor in your yard does not have to be plain or boring. There are many things you can do to give it the effect you desire, no matter what your personal style or preference is. The best part is that these ideas are easy and inexpensive. So pick the idea that appeals to you the most and get inspired to make your cement floor outside look more stylish and welcoming.

Which of these cement floor ideas inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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