12 easy and cheap ideas to decorate the house

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When we imagine the house of our dreams, we often stop to think about the layout, room plans… but there is something that can make even the simplest of houses stand out in terms of its liveliness and appeal. What seemed like a great layout idea may, over the years, become obsolete and non functional and require renovation. Objects that you acquire in your trips, objects that remind you of some fond memories, some functional accessories that you incorporate according to your needs are just some of the elements that give life to the design of your home.

Decorating the house is about giving it a personality, soul, style and, therefore, has a lot to do with you, your tastes and your way of living. How you can decorate the house depends a lot on the amount you want to spend, however when budget is a constraint, here are a few pocket friendly ideas to decorate the house that will change the appearance and personality of your home without fear for your pocket. 

1. A charming garden for low cost decoration

Who has never dreamed of having a house with a garden? Although it seems incredible, having a green area in your home is easier than it seems and is a cheap idea of decoration that you can put into practice yourself. The vertical gardens are super trending and it is not necessary to install them outdoors. If you have outdoor space, a vertical garden made with bamboo like this will leave your guests with their mouths open. You can complete it with original flower boxes or planters creating a space full of life. Here are 37 great ideas to have a vertical garden in home.

2. Recycled materials for cheap and effective decor

Objects can have many lives, as many as we can imagine. Therefore, a cheap idea of decoration is, precisely, to recycle. A few simple restored wooden boxes can become an original storage solution that, in addition to helping you maintain order, will add a fun touch to any room in your home. Lose your fear of do it yourself and save some money on the decoration of the house, while keeping it personalized and original

3. Multipurpose cheap and original home decor

If the idea of recycled boxes has seemed original to you, you will find our next low-cost decoration proposal even more charming . The blocks that we often see in works and constructions of all kinds are a perfect resource to create your own furniture. Regardless of its constructive nature, it is well established, its use as part of the furniture will guarantee you a space to keep your shoes in order. Sofa, shoe rack or all in one?

4. A cinematic easy and cheap lighting

The lamps are such typical kind of decoration elements that, once installed, usually fall into oblivion. However, renewing them can completely change the look of your living room , kitchen, bedrooms… If you opt for original designs as in this case, the result can be splendid. Give your old cups a new chance and… Let there be light!

5. The thousand and one lives

Even the most enigmatic object you can imagine can become a cheap idea to decorate your home. These bottles are no longer just some containers of liquids,  these have been transformed into precious flower pots. A single investment for a double function, sounds interesting!

6. A romantic touch for cheap decoration

They are a classic and, no wonder, candles are a cheap and very effective romantic decoration idea. Its shapes, models, smells and sizes are so varied that it would be difficult not to find ones that integrates perfectly in the interior design of your home. Another point in your favor is that, if you get bored of having them in a space, you can always move them to another room and change the image of both rooms without having to invest a single dollar.

7. Adding beauty with greens

We mentioned earlier that gardens are a dream of many of us. If the house area or circumstances do not allow it, and you do not want to give up on the idea of giving a natural touch to your home, why not resort to pots? The plants have a multitude of properties and some studies prove that they can uplift our mood, so plants are a great idea of cheap decoration to take into account.

Here are 16 ideas to copy for an indoor garden, so you can choose what you want.

8. Much more than kitchen accessories

We tend to fall into the trap of thinking that, for an object to be decorative, it has to be designer artifact. In fact nothing is further from reality than this myth. Traditional elements such as an old milk jug or a coffee maker of the whole life, can perfectly fulfill the dual function of giving the service for which they were designed and also decorate your home, and even if they are not used anymore, these antique elements store a lot of memories in them that will make your house reflect good times and memories.

9. Another way to organize

Following the previous example, any object that comes to mind can be a cheap idea of decorating your home if you know how to place it. These rackets and polo accessories have become one more element of the decoration of the room, an original idea that allows them to be accessed at any time they need to be used or, simply, or to decorate the wall as one more painting. Here are some easy DIY home decor projects that you are sure to find interesting. 

10. The walls speak

If there is an intrinsic element of the house that could become a work of art, that is the wall. Not only because it can support other artistic jewels, but because it can be one of them. Slate painting is another cheap idea for decorating your home, a resource that will allow you to change the design of the room in which you incorporate it as many times as you want. A fun solution with which, with a little sense of humor, neither you nor your guests will ever get bored.

11. The magic of color

The walls are, as we said, a very grateful element when decorating and is that a simple layer of paint can transform the most boring and aseptic space in a room full of life. If you want to ensure spectacular results, it is best to put yourself in the hands of professionals in the sector, but if you have a tight budget, the roller and the brush will be your best allies. If at the end you discover that it was not as you expected, you can always divert attention from the walls by incorporating a furniture in similar tones that acts as a focal point. See 8 sensational colors to paint your walls in to help you choose the color for your walls.

12. More ideas for the wall

The last of our cheap ideas to decorate the house is linked equally to the walls has to do with how to dress them. Painting, wallpaper, different materials… All this is very good although, a simple and effective option is to place photos of different sizes and colors. Here are some more budget friendly home decor hacks worth trying.

Do you have more cheap ideas to decorate the house?

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