20 beautiful indoor gardens and ideas for the patio

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Adding a touch of greenery to your home is very important so that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. However, coming up with amazing ideas for your garden layout can be a bit challenging. That is why in today's ideabook we're going to present you with 20 covered garden designs for your home. They can be customised according to the available space without having to compromise on the aesthetics.

1. Water feature

To make your garden stand out you can add a unique looking water feature.

2. Glass shed

By incorporating a glass shed you will be able to have ample amount of natural light within your garden.

3. Zen garden

If you want to create a place which is low maintenance then try considering a zen garden design.

4. Vertical garden

In case you want to create a beautiful garden in the hallway or gallery then try using the vertical space available.

5. Garden furniture

Your garden furniture should always be made of natural materials like wood or jute.

6. Elevated planters

Elevated planters will provide your garden with a grand look. They can also be lined up against the wall to decorate the vertical surface.

7. Entirely enclosed

Creating an entirely enclosed space will allow you to enjoy your garden even during the rainy season.

8. Barn style garden

If you want to create a country style look for your garden then opt for a similar sloping roof layout.

9. Wooden details

Adding wooden details like beams and furniture can make your garden look regal. Although, the material should be treated to withstand moisture.

10. Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper can also be an excellent choice for decorating the walls of your covered garden.

11. Wrought iron furniture

If you want a vintage look for your outdoor area then incorporating wrought iron furniture is the right way to go.

12. Creepers

Another way to cover your garden is by using creeper plants. They can be lined on the wooden roof structure as seen in this picture.

13. Modern gardens

A modern looking space can be created by incorporating the furniture into the structure of the garden. Hear the designer has created a cement bench and table which is jutting out from the floor.

14. Potted plants

If you want a low maintenance garden for your home then using different potted plants is an amazing idea.

15. Glass and metal enclosure

A glass and metal enclosure will not only provide you with a study structure but will also allow you to enjoy the outdoor view.

16. Flowers

To add a cheerful touch to you garden incorporate colourful flowers all throughout the area.

17. Tropical plants

If you want to create a lush green garden then you should always select tropical plants.

18. Terracotta or clay pots

Pots made out of terracotta or clay are ideal for a rustic looking garden.

19. Stone planters

For a more natural looking environment you can create planters using natural stones.

20. Trees

Trees of different sizes can also be ideal for your garden. Although, it depends on the space available.

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