10 functional furniture that every small home needs

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Small homes challenge our creativity and encourage us to think out of the box. The purpose of design is to come up with the best ideas to make the house attractive and comfortable for the residents. The most important requirement in home decoration is the furniture. We can do away with the wall paintings, lights and other accessories needed to elevate the look of the home for a few days or so, but not the furniture. In small homes we have to be extra careful with the selection of furniture. Large furniture or too many of it will cramp up the already small space. However, the good news is that as always we have the cheap, intelligent and smart solution for it. It is the functional furniture that has become quite popular in recent times and is here to stay and make life easier for the people dwelling in small city homes or apartments.

Today we have come up with 10 aesthetically designed functional furniture for you to take inspiration from and make it a part of your home.

​1. The complete bed

What is bedroom without a bed?  But then a bed occupies substantial area of the room leaving little or no space for the cabinets. Storage bed is an option but you can only use it to store the things that are not required in our day to day life. Isn’t it? So here’s the smart solution for your problem. A complete bed with ample storage space to make your life easy and keep the bedroom organized. Take a clue from this innovatively designed smart bed and get one for your home. The kids will love it!

​2. Separate it in style

If you want to separate a space to make some room for privacy, do it in style. Storing space is always needed in any home, big or small. Use the opportunity and design a separator in such a way that it can be used as storage too and add to the aesthetic beauty of the space. Now it is up to you to give the room a practical partition and make it look modern.

​3. The bathroom shelves

Shelves are a boon and the most sought after piece of furniture to keep a small space organized. Here we suggest you to install the shelves in your small and beautiful bathroom and see how effortlessly abundant space will be created to store the numerous toiletries and bathroom essentials. Believe us, it will keep the bathroom clean and organized.

​4. Study cum bedroom

This one is for those who want the best of both worlds even in limited space. This creatively designed study can be pulled to make into a bed. The cabinets and shelves all around create sufficient space to keep the study cum bedroom organized.

​5. Collapsible chair

Folding chairs and tables are not new. Even our grandparents used them. But with time the innovative designs has revolutionised the feel and utility of this functional furniture. What was just another piece of furniture in the bygone era has now become a piece of art. Use the folding chairs to decorate your home and use it to sit when time demands.

​6. Foldable table

In a home of integrated space where living area, dining room and kitchen shares the room; we hardly have space to keep a dining table there. But then we definitely need them, at least when we have guests for dinner. Think differently and be smart! Bring home this foldable dining table. When not needed just fold it and clear the space.

7. Sofa bed

We all are aware of sofa bed and know of its utility and functionality. But what we don’t know is that we can really be creative and innovative while designing it. Design a customised sofa bed for your home with the material of your choice or get one from the market. There are plenty of options available. It is the best thing you can have when there are guests at home.

​8. The coffee table

Ditch the conventional coffee table and bring home a coffee table with a modern twist. Design is so that it becomes a table with some purpose and adds to the storage space of your small home. Keep the design simple and minimal to make it look elegant.

​9. Step up the storage

casa 10, J J Scandinavian style bedroom

It is a simple and innovative design that will elevate the beauty of your beautiful bedroom or add a rustic charm in your modern living room. The stylish ladder shelves will not only create more storage space but will also stand tall as a decoration piece in your bedroom or wherever you decide to put it.

​10. Relaxing table

It’s a perfect table to sit and relax with your family and friends. It has a slot to hold the drinks, enhance the beauty with fresh plants, and has an extension to keep the foods. You can use it in your balcony or set a table in the corner of the couple bedroom for a romantic evening.

Get some ideas of modular furniture that will save space: Modular furniture that totally saves space at home!

Which piece of furniture captured your imagination? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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