Do You Think All White Interiors are Boring? Think Again!

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When it comes to dressing up our home interiors, we usually think of bold, vibrant colours. It gives us immense pleasure to play around with myriad hues and interesting combinations. But what if you decide to do away with all the colours and stick with only white? Do you think the room is going to look dull and boring then? Well, we beg to differ!   

White is not just a classic choice, it is pristine, and stands for untainted serenity and inspiring optimism. It infuses any space with an aura of cleanliness, roominess and elegant simplicity. And there’s no reason why you have to use only one shade of white for a room. Bring together different tones of this pure colour to make things visually intriguing.

Are total white interiors difficult to maintain? A tiny bit, we agree. But there are paints and flooring materials available nowadays, which are easy to clean. And even for furnishing, you can pick materials or fabrics which are stain resistant or easy to keep spotless. Using white for your kid’s room or kitchen may not be a good idea though, for obvious reasons. But feel free to try out this concept for your bedroom, bathroom or even heavy footfall areas like the living room.

Here, we present some beautiful ideas for white interiors which are anything but bland! So get ready to feel inspired.

Worried about dirt or high maintenance?

It’s true that even the slightest bit of dirt or stains show clearly on white. But adopt a positive attitude and think how convenient it will become to spot such marks, and get rid of them quickly! To keep your interiors brilliantly white, we also suggest that you avoid clutter as much as possible. And as mentioned before, make the most of easy to clean fabrics for furnishing. Re-upholstering your furniture frequently to sustain the appearance of an all white room can be very costly.

Take a look at the bedroom above. See how it has been adorned on simple but stylish lines. The patterns embedded onto the bed cleverly breaks the monotony of white. Natural light floods the room, enhancing its monochromatic beauty and the curtains bring in a lavish yet cosy touch to the bedroom; Imagine waking up here every morning. Pure bliss!!!

Is too much white going to hurt your eyes?

Of course not! White will rather make any room appear brighter, livelier and more airy. Just be a little mindful about the lighting. Synthetic lights like fluorescents can be extremely harsh on all white interiors, and may cause strain on your eyes. So go for incandescent lights like the ones used in the living room above, or lamps which glow softly. Such illumination can delicately emphasize the distinctions between different shades of white too, and add depth to the room.  

The incorporation of light wooden furniture and greenery creates visual interest. And the glass doors and windows let in ample natural light which further glorifies the white.

Can a completely white room exude hospital-like feel?

It entirely depends on how you style the room. White is the most sanitary colour possible and when applied without creativity, can lead to a lacklustre appearance. So try to add some dashes of colour here and there, in order to tone down the excessiveness of white.

Observe the Mediterranean style bedroom above, to appreciate how points of interest can be created. The floor, ceiling, walls, the long window and even the quaint cupboard are all white. But the bright red lifebuoy on one side of the four poster bed, the light brown pillows, and the faded wooden footstool with bright cushions add elements of fun. Also, don’t miss the charm of the wicker baskets on top of the cupboard.

White is ideal for minimalist style rooms

Basement with Light well, Clapham SW11, TOTUS TOTUS Modern living room

Basement with Light well, Clapham SW11


When a room is designed with the belief that “less is more”, white can be the perfect colour to augment its beauty! Check out the living cum dining space above, to realize what we mean. Designed by Totus, home builders from the United Kingdom, this room fantastically combines the simplicity of white walls and ceiling with polished wood grain floor. Note the austere but enticing appeal of the lounge seat by the bay window, white lounge chairs and the smart glass dining table. The flowers and halogen lights lend a feel of freshness.

Are pure white interiors only suitable for modern projects?

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE, Bloomint design Bloomint design Mediterranean style bedroom
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Though white is a great choice for minimalistic or modern rooms, it can work wonders for rustic style interiors too. In the bedroom above, observe how the dark wooden beams complement the white ceiling and walls gorgeously. The wooden floor and dainty windows enhance the cottage-like feel of the room.

The rustic ambiance is heightened by the use of earthy tones for the bedding and rug, the wooden ladder, the simple clothes stand, and the wooden swing. The teal ceramic plate and lampshades, and the presence of greens add pops of colour in the predominantly white room.

Why do I need an Interior Designer for full white interiors?

Putting together completely white interiors is not as easy as it seems! It takes innovativeness, knowledge and experience to harmoniously blend different elements, so that you get a room which feels inviting, soothing and invigorating at the same time.

The bedroom above clearly shows why you need an interior designer for all white projects. This particular room designed by Kristina Voloshina is a unique melting pot of modern and rustic flavours. The floor, bed and nightstands flaunt simple designs in light-coloured wood. The bathroom door unites wood and mirror like never before. And the headboard crafted from tree rings, is practically the focal point of the room. The remarkable ceiling lights, hanging lamps and the grey fur rug add hints of luxury and comfort.

So, are you all geared up to embrace the white side now? Then consult a professional to watch your ideas take shape. Discuss your own desires and be open to imbibe their suggestions, in order to create an interior space that turns your guests white with envy! For more inspirations, go through this ideabook – All white is better than all right!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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