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8 picturess of staircases- before and after renovation

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If the staircase is of worry to you, then a change it needs! Today, we're exploring eight staircases that received a transformation at each step of the way. For those of you looking for inspiration or simply ideas for a new home, this guide can definitely come in handy. 

1. The old versus the new

To your right, you see a staircase made of white marble with a dull hue to partner up with in. It would appear that the glimmer of this stairway has been snatched away, making it scream out for a change. 

Your left depicts the very same staircase, transformed in the blink of an eye! Hard to believe, isn't it? Keeping the structure in tact, the architects have removed the white tiles, replacing then with wooden boards. The old wall was replaced by one that is decked with quarry stone plates. 

2. From rustic to modern

Resistance is of the essence when it comes to a staircase, at the same time flexibility and structure. The staircase on the left depicts one made of solid wood, dilapidated by the years that have past it. 

The one you see on the right however, is restructured, constructed with a concrete base that finishes off at a floor of wood. What's more, the space beneath the stairs has effectively been converted into a neat little study.  

3. Lifeless and dull

While this stairway might not look completely unattractive, it does play on the lines of boring and lackluster. Essentially serving out it's purpose as a staircase and nothing more, the architects decided to give it a good spin. 

To modern and elegant!

Treat your eyes to the treat that is this staircase! The entire staircase was removed giving rise to a new modern one that houses a bathroom right below. Wooden planks substitute regular stairs making this a great staircase indeed.

4. The fast lane!

In this house the structure of the staircase was maintained since it was functional and was in excellent condition. What changed was the lamination of the levels, the railing and the color. The white color of the new staircase gives it an extremely elegant and glamorous touch, as well as the beauty of the clear laminate and the shine of the glass handrail with wooden handrails. A delight to the sight.

5. From tacky

This pathway reeks Path of Doom the minute you set foot in it. If this doesn't call for a change, I don't know what will! The discoloration and lack of aesthetics were one of the many reasons it needed a renovation. 

To sophisticated

When the stairway was remodeled, the walls were replaced with well finished white walls. The staircase was coated with a carpet of wood to bring out the very best in it. 

Small spaces can't get in the way of the staircase anymore!

6. Out of order

A flimsy balustrade running along the staircase with with walls as accompaniment demanded for a change, brought about by the lovely staircase you see below. 

To new and in order!

The old coating was removed to give the staircase a luster. With wooden planks resting on each stair, the stairway was taken to a whole new level. 

7. Dark and dingy

T's HOUSE renovation, dwarf dwarf

This staircase rests peacefully at the side of the room, but it's way too dark and dingy. This is why the architects decided to shine some light on the same. 

To bright and lively

T's HOUSE renovation, dwarf dwarf

This staircase was opened, and light was let in. With this fresh combination of lights and elements, you can hardly ever go wrong. 

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8. Old is gold? Maybe not!

The gold on the left staircase seems a little too outdated for this age and time, which is why it was flipped to the lovely staircase on the right. Matt black was selected to coat the stairway and by the looks of it, this works perfectly well! 

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