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Does your dining table need a change and you have very high standards? You want it to look good with chairs, fit perfectly into the designated space, have a shape and size useful to your requirements… in one word: perfect!

We here at homify know it's not easy to choose a piece of furniture, especially when you have very specific restrictions set by your home's design. So, we decided to give you some tips to find just the right dining table to renew your house.

No more will you have to deal with tables unsuited to your space or tables and chairs of all sizes that do not match. We assure you these ideas will be entertaining and allow you to be productive. 

Let's begin our visual journey!

Measure the space

Building a home creates highly defined spaces to which everything in your home must adapt, and your dining table can be no exception. An easy way to determine the size and shape that will delineate the structure of the table, you can resort to a precise arrangement of everything that will be adjacent to it, ensuring your new table receives the space it deserves. 

If the figure of the space places your dining table at split-level, it is best not to go for a very high table. If you have an elongated space, a table with marked lines, either rectangular or circular will be your best option. 

In conclusion, let the table express the style of the dining room, it will guide you until the room is in harmony. 

Choose the materials and colour

To ensure that your table suites the overall feeling of the dining room, you should consider every aspect of the room, including all materials and colours, not only for the room but for the entire house. Nothing is independent of each other. 

In the image above, the design firm, Mariangle Coghla, created simplicity and strength to support the wooden table together with a combination of bright colours. This creates a balance in the atmosphere of the dining room. 

Perfect for square spaces

Square rooms require careful arrangement of each of the elements, especially near the walls, as you will need to fill the space evenly to make an open space destined for the table and chairs

If all of the walls have a piece of furniture situated close to it, square tables are appropriate, since it will retain the shape of the room to be consolidated with the arrangement of the furniture. Lavradio Design created this room were only some walls are occupied, and here a circular-shaped table works best, since there's no such clear line to follow. 

Tables for long narrow rooms

Now, if the space you designate as your dining room does not have a remarkable width, but pronounced length, let the form of the space suggest the design of the table, and the accompanying chairs as well. 

The importance of adapting the shape of the table to the space not only counts for good aesthetics, but also for creating harmony in the entire interior. Since the construction of a home creates, in some way or another, a route through the house, the lines created by furniture indicate a path, and if this not effective, your home will feel isolated. 

Take a look at this dining room where Disain Architects placed the table horizontally. Do you notice immediately how the movement of the eye is lead through the space?

Perfect size for rectangular tables

Rectangular tables are most effective in medium-sized rooms, as being thin and longs allows for the other furniture to be framed around it. Of course, the total size of the table will be determined by the space in which it is placed, all in order to create a perfect, tailored look. 

In this project by Habitat Workshop Architects, notice how good a space can look when furnished according to the necessary measures. 

Round tables for small spaces

Round tables are perfect for almost any space, with simply changing the size and material you can have the perfect piece of furniture for any space. It is a piece that can adapt to any style and form of a room and, more generally, the entire house. 

This table can be the quintessential element in tiny spaces, since it generates dynamism by having no edges, creating more free space, as shown in the image by Ayuko Studio.

Ideal size for round tables

The ideal size of each piece of furniture is proportional to the use it fulfils. If you are looking for a dining table for a large family that is expanding, then a wide table would be perfect, since it encourages more intimate social contact at meal times. Imagine this table chosen by Weber Architects when in use. It's just as perfect to host dinner parties for close friends!

Once you decide on a table, perhaps by following some of these tips, the right table will accompany you in the enjoyment of your favourite dishes, and you can always add a personal touch. 

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