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Pallets were once considered a one time use packaging material. Used for heavy duty packaging for ease of transport of goods they make loading and unloading of goods safer. Easily available and low on cost, pallets can be used to create many home decor accessories and furniture. Want to create a customised coffee table or a chair or even a bed? Pallets can be a great raw material for home furniture. From basic to elaborate, DIY to designer, pallets have come of age and are considered a modern furniture style in homes both in cities and the countryside.

Pallet wall garden

When you have a garden in your backyard or even in a balcony of your multi storied apartment, why not consider the wall for a vertical plantation space? Pallet racks mounted on the garden wall are an excellent choice of natural material. This simple DIY design is easy to create. Rustic and stylish in equal measure, wooden pallets can be a low cost vertical garden on a signature wall.

The all time classic: The bed

Minimal and clutter free; if that is your taste in design, this uncomplicated pallet bed is a wonderful choice for the bedroom. The pallet wood goes well with the other furniture in the room due to similar brown hues. For more experimental decor, contrasting colors can also be an interesting choice. Since pallets can be of different quality, make sure the one for the bed is strong and sturdy or the design is such that it is capable of holding weight. 

Coffe Table

Short pallets can be easily put together for a simple coffee table. Coffee tables are so versatile, you can always accommodate additional pieces anywhere in the house. In the kitchen for additional storage, in the bedroom as a bed side table, in the living room as a peg table or in the store as a stepping stool. The added feature of a drawer with a beautiful handle makes this table look so contemporary and stylish. Pallet tables by Meublets is a wonderful inspiration for more design ideas.

The library

When there's so much that you can do with pallets, then how can a home library be out of bounds? Get hold of symmetrical sturdy pallets and arrange them on the wall for that personal library you always wanted. Best part? Its a low cost option and does the job perfectly. Doesn't this library look tasteful? Let the natural wood color be or paint them in bright colors for a kids' room. You only need strong fasteners and sound support for a structure this big. 

The garden Chair

Garden furniture is required to be sturdy and all weather. You cannot use delicate furniture for your outdoors. What better way than a pallet chair that is low on budget and low on maintenance yet looks pretty! Add colourful cushions for the seat and a backrest for a more elegant look.

With awareness of limited supply of natural wood, pallets have become popular as reclaimed furniture source. From basic DIY projects at home to designer products, pallet furniture is a category in its own. They can be incorporated in an earthy rustic country home as well as a modern eclectic decor in a city home. Sturdy, beautiful, practical, low on cost and most importantly recycled, pallets are the choice of the conscious home owners everywhere. More furniture out of pallets by Factory Twenty One are worth looking at.

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