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13 simple and economical ideas to renew your home entrance right now

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It’s just a few days into the new year, so it’s the perfect time to give your house a refreshing change by transforming the entrance. To help you, we have put together this ideabook with simple and economical ideas that you can use to renew the entrance right away!

Get started on creating a sensational entrance by taking inspiration from these ideas.

1. An outdoor garden

Gardens add tremendous value to the composition of the facade of the house. A simple and relatively inexpensive idea is to place a planter with a variety of plants that add texture, volume and height to complement the design of the home entrance.

2. A path

Paths and trails are aesthetic as well as functional. We can use them to create a perfect visual of the access to the house, by using pleasant materials and textures. In order not to complicate the process by having to raise the floor level, which can also add to the expense, a carpet of gravel with some wooden boards, like in this image, can beautify the entrance of the house at a minimal cost.

3. A carpet inside

Carpets are cosy, warm and very decorative. They come in a wide variety of designs, sizes and materials, so you can easily get the perfect one for the entrance hallway of your house.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors play a significant role in the design and decoration of the interiors. With them, we can enhance the light, as well as create effects of greater spatial amplitude. In  the entrance hall  of the house, they are great allies, because this area usually lacks sufficient light as well as space.

5. Vinyl

Vinyl is an extremely versatile decorative element. In addition to being economical and easy to install, it comes in a wide range of designs and styles that adapt to varied tastes and needs. Get inspired by this image, and do not hesitate to place one in the entrance of your house.

6. Light

Light is essential at the entrance of the house, but designing an illumination system can be expensive and time consuming. We have a solution that you cannot resist.

These lanterns placed at the ground level, manage to illuminate the access to the house in a charming and beautiful manner. Whether you place candles or get plug-in lamps for the outside of your home, it's an idea worth trying.

7. Change the colour

One of the simplest and most economical ways to introduce change is to paint the entrance of the home in a different colour. It could be the wall or the door. This way, the entrance can be transformed completely within minutes, with a new colour that makes it look avant-garde and spectacular, like in this example.

Get ideas to make your house look ultra-modern and chic.

8. Shelves in the hall

Penthouse, Zurich Studio Frey Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Studio Frey

Penthouse, Zurich

Studio Frey

Another way to renovate the entrance of the house, is by placing some shelves on the walls. On them, you can arrange various items, which in addition to decorating the access to the house, will also help to keep it organized.

9. A seat

A seat at the entrance of the house can add a cosy touch, besides serving as auxiliary furniture. It can be a chair or a sensational retro bench, like the one we see in the image, accompanied by some cushions and blankets to increase the feeling of warmth. 

Additional details, such as plants and vases, as well as a basket for the magazines, give it a more powerful aesthetic.

10. An artistic piece

A work of art at the entrance of the house, will elevate its decoration and design, making it sophisticated and refined. It does not have to be a museum-worthy piece. Original works of art will be just as effective. You can go to bazaars or galleries and review the work of young artists. This won’t cost an arm and a leg.

11. Friendly words

Whether it’s a welcome message or a friendly phrase, placing words on the walls of the entrance of the house is a happy and fresh idea to give a boost to the decoration. These pieces are available in decoration stores and other specialized home design outlets, so that you can renovate the area yourself at very affordable prices and a nice variety of options.

12. Coat racks

Coat racks are practical pieces for the entrance of the house. They offer a very simple but effective alternative for organising the space, as well as a platform where our garments and accessories can participate in the decoration of the space.

13. A natural coating

Walls are blank canvases that we can use to transform the appearance of the spaces in the house. Coatings are one of the options for decorating the walls. It may be very expensive to cover a wall in wood or stone, but you can opt for an alternative, like the one we see in this design, where bamboo sticks help the entrance acquire personality.

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Which of these ideas will you use? Respond in the comments.
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