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Using technology for the outdoors

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When Nature meets with technology, it can either go very well or terribly wrong. However, when things do go right, there can be a wonderful collaboration of man-made things and Nature which can only enrich the quality of life a garden brings. Since the many advancements of technology of these modern times, a lot of new inventions have been made for the area of the terrace and the garden. Whether a BBQ and fire pit can be started from a distance with Bluetooth or a phone app, anything is possible nowadays. New technologies can be installed to facilitate the maintenance of a garden such as an automated lawn sprinkler system, energy saving solar panels for the home, recycling rain-water systems or retractable terrace cover that adjusts to the current temperature and wind force. Simply put, all of the aforementioned have been invented to make life easier and to alleviate the efforts that must be put in to care for a nice garden space. The following inspirations can help anyone looking for a garden fix up.

Automated retractable roofing

Since the weather always seems to act on its own will and because it has an enduring reputation for being very changeable, the following inspiration might be a great solution to take cover during rainfall or to lounge in the shade. This colourful idea consists of an automated retractable roofing system for the terrace. In other words, this covering system for the garden space or balcony will adapt to the current weather conditions which means that when the rain drops start falling, it will spread out. Also, if the sun is out and shining bright it will retract to let the sunlight stream through for a pleasant sunbathing session. Another bonus to this kind of automated roofing system is that if it senses winds getting much stronger, to the point where it could disrupt or damage the covering slats, it will retract to protect itself until the weather gets better. The idea is quite ingenious and helpful, not to mention the variety of colourful options to choose from with this kind of installation.

Stylish solar panels

With the popularity of solar panels, there has been a new way to bring different source of energy  to the home. This type of eco-friendly, renewable and cost effective energy source can have so many benefits for the home, and the garden is no exception to that. Solar energy can be used to heat the pool and spa as well as keeping the terrace and balcony tiles at a comfortable temperature. There is inevitably a higher cost related to the immediate purchasing of this kind of installation. Nonetheless, the money spent will be quickly paid off on the long run with all the energy bill savings it provides since solar panels last for at least a few decades. Solar energy is also used to light up garden lights that turn on as soon as the sun sets. That will create a cosy and well lit garden environment. The current image is of solar panels that have been mounted to a stylish and modern frame that can jazz up the atmosphere of the garden. This will also create fun patterns on the ground when the sun is up as well as offering a little bit of shade for plants and people alike to enjoy. This design has been made possible by Coffice.

Self-starting BBQ

view of sink, BBQ and fridge Classic style garden by wood-fired oven Classic
wood-fired oven

view of sink, BBQ and fridge

wood-fired oven

With the multitude of apps created nowadays, there are a few that have been created in collaboration with garden appliances such a garden lights, pool filtering and heating systems as well as for BBQs. When the time has come to prepare dinner and everyone is wishing for a delicious grilled feast, the BBQ must be turned on and preheated which then requires time. This problem is quickly remedied with a self-starting BBQ that can be turned on with the Bluetooth technology. Some are also powered by an app that works hand in hand with the inner systems of a BBQ. Certain types can even give the inner temperature of the BBQ to know if it is ready to receive the food to be grilled. For security reasons, it is important to be present in the home at the moment of the lighting to be able to keep an eye on it. After a busy day at work, one can turn it on as soon as they step foot in the home which is of an immense help and convenience for the everyday busy life.

Automated lighting system

As mentioned before, there is a lighting system created for the garden that lights up as soon as the sun sets because it is powered by solar energy. These kinds of lights are programmed to turn on gradually as the sunlight disappears from the sky to shed some light on the garden at night. This type of lighting for the garden incurs absolutely no energy which is always a welcomed benefit. There is also another type of lighting system that can be turned by a simple switching on or touch of a button. Some can be activated by a phone app which is convenient for those on the go wishing to come home to a well lit garden. Naturally, they can be programmed to be turned on at a time that is convenient the owner's liking and set up on an energy saving mode that will use as little energy as possible. The times of having to light up torches and struggling to find their location is over with a simple click of a button or an app. There's nothing quite like a lovely lit garden at night to relax or eat a meal with family members.

Rain water recycling system

There is nothing quite like the sight of a lush and sumptuous evergreen garden overflowing with varieties of plants and blooms. Plants require care and sunlight as well as water, which is a crucial element to their happy and healthy growth. Since water is precious element of Nature not to be wasted and usually metered or counted in most major cities, it is important to make sure that not too much water is squandered. A marvellous way to remedy to this problem is by installing a rain water recycling system. This is a system that will gather the water during rainfall and make that water available to reuse when drier days come. This saves a tremendous amount on the water bill and readily provides the much needed water to maintain a delightful and lively garden. There is then no more worrying to be had for its watering of the garden.

Automated fire pit

Fire pits have always been synonymous with family and friend gathering together where everyone sits around the fire to tell stories or simply to talk about their day. There exists a type of fire pits that creates a light source without setting anything aflame which is very safe and perfect when small children are around to avoid mishaps. There is also a variety of fire pits that are lit with gas which can be helpful for saving money on firewood. The classic fire pit lit with logs still exists to this day which always brings in a lovely wood-fire smell with it. All these options can come with a self-starter app on a phone or with a touch of a button at home to set the fire ablaze. The great advantage to a self starting fire pit is that less time is spent trying to light the fire and more time is left to enjoy with loved ones with tales told around the fire for all to appreciate.

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