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Separating Rooms with Space: 6 Amazing Ideas!

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The open floor plan which is championed by many modern architecture enthusiasts has one single idea at its core; modern life needs functional, aesthetic and visual isolation. And this isolation is now practically plausible as modern furniture is movable; people are more receptive to modern decor which harps on unobstructed view or a single flow in design. Also, keeping with the modern day philosophy that life is based on impermanence, more and more people believe in experimenting and reinventing designs which will give a fresh lease of life to their rooms. With the right accessories, furnishings and a little bit of planning, you can have a perfect open floor plan which spells panache and style!

Different floors for visual separation

Installing an additional floor not only creates visual separation, but also creates a notion of some extra space. When you think of separating the rooms, it is always easy to create different floors for different rooms. It is a genius way to use the space, while maintaining the fantastic symbiosis in design. It is best to keep your designs to the minimalist best, choosing some nice movable furniture and some handy accessories. You can have a large feature wall as the backdrop, so that the theme looks uninterrupted and clean. Having a minimalist design helps you to have an uncluttered view of the space; which is in sync with the idea of an open plan.

Creating a division with a dining table

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Perfect Stays

Dining table

Perfect Stays

In most homes, the designated family time is associated with dinner, where everyone sits together for a meal discussing the day. This is probably one of the most amazing ways to spend some quality time with your family while eating a delicious home-cooked meal. In many ways, a dining table becomes an important aspect of family life. And what if it can increase its value in your home by helping you to delineate spaces between rooms? You should always take precise measurements, so that the dining table fits the space. The best way to understand what kind of table you need, you can place all the other accessories around the existing table in a perfect arrangement. Now you can calculate the empty space and buy a table. The way you place the table is also important; so decide whether you want to separate the room vertically or horizontally. In a horizontal divide, a round dining table looks good. For a vertical divide, a long table with a linear look can look arty and smart.

Place your ottoman or sofa carefully

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Open Plan Kitchen


People who love the concept of casual chic like an assortment of furniture in their open spaces. An ottoman or a sectional sofa can work perfectly to separate the spaces. But before you buy a sectional sofa, think about the proportions of the room, the depth, length and height of the sofa and how you can place it. Creating a mock blueprint of the space helps to choose the sofa you can buy. If comfort is your priority, then large sofas with earthy tones look nice. Even a single ottoman can add a vintage touch to the room; but you need to be extra careful about the colour scheme and other accessories so that they match thematically. An L-shaped sofa can effectively create a visual barrier between the kitchens and ding zones, and add to the glamour quotient of the room.

Having arches and half-open walls

Half-walls or partition walls are quite common in interior design and is much appreciated when you think of an open plan decor. Having a half-wall in between the living room and kitchen helps the homeowner to be discerning. This way, you can add some privacy to your kitchens, hiding some of the area. Do not want your guests to stare while you cook? You can easily install the cooktop behind the walls, so that you have some privacy while you are cooking and the same time have a conversation with a guest sitting on the dining table. Half walls give a feeling of connection and openness at the same go. Arches which are built in between the living and kitchen area also designate the spaces; this actually shows that both the areas are joined functionally, but are kept separate to maintain the aesthetics.

Having two levels in the same room

When it comes to a small space, it is best to create the separation vertically. And if you have the space, you can actually create two levels. Creating a small loft at the upper portion can be quite effective, especially if you are a bachelor and want a comfortable and not-so-chic arrangement. You can have a sitting arrangement on the floor with some cosy cushions to make the place inviting. A home theatre system will complete the picture. It is the staircase which will lead your guests from the kitchen area in the lower level to the upper. Keep the kitchen simple with a cooktop installed in the middle. Arrange the chairs around the cooktop, so that you do not have to carry your food. If your space permits, you can have a small kitchen table meant for two to three people. The rooms should be such so that it gives the notion of connection without compromising on the sense of openness. But always remember that even when you are being casually chic, you need to be careful with your accessories and furnishing so that it does not like an unprepared and disoriented mess. To have order in your chaos, you have to think about a single theme and work around it carefully! Looking for more inspiration try this article 8 ways to separate the kitchen from the living room.

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