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A Cosy Bathroom: 6 ways to get there!

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A lot of people have a tendency to ignore their bathrooms while they are setting up their homes. We tend to forget that, in keeping with the rest of our carefully constructed and tastefully decorated homes, a sincere effort is definitely needed to make our toilets look beautiful. To put it simply, the bathroom is the very first place we need to visit as we start to go about our day, and also the last place we drop into before we turn ourselves in for the night. Hence, a toilet needs not only to be utility friendly, but also warm and inviting – a place which we should be happy to visit and a place that melts our worries and makes us feel relaxed. A happy toilet, in short, should be a combination of good design and optimal functionality.

Here are a few ideas on how to make one’s toilet place a cozy and comfortable place. These measures are easy to implement and would go a long way in making your toilet a place you would love to relax in.

Use Softer Lights

The toilet is a place to rejuvenate yourself and feel refreshed. So a good illumination plan is essential. The correct use of lights in a toilet can create a multipurpose .  For example, vertical fittings should be fixed on either side of the mirror, so that there is no shadow on the face. Dimmers are a toilet’s best friends, as they allow complete control over the illumination and help set the mood. In addition, dimmers preserve energy as well.

Play with the Walls

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Flowing curtains and a vase of florets for the basin create a stylish look. A piece of art on the wall is a representation of creative expression. Any decoration or attractive wall art can give a huge boost to the aesthetics and atmosphere of the toilet. Simply add a beautifully-framed painting or a panel of modern art work. They add color and radiance to your toilet’s décor. Wall art in a bathroom enhances the visual display and makes it look stylish.

If you would rather add another artistic dimension to your bathroom without using framed art or such, then an alternative is to put in the bathroom, some pops of hues here and there. This can be done by displaying hand towels of bright colors, a few tiles on the bathroom floor of a specific stand out shade, or maybe a contrast rug or robes in vibrant colors to make sure your visitors get a good idea about your sense of creativity and feel for ethics and ambiance.  Apart from bright colored bathroom linen, you can exhibit near the washbasin, quirky soap dishes and other paraphernalia that will bring in a level of designer touch to your space. Additionally, another way to make your bathroom look good is by painting the frame of the mirror in an accent shade and drawing people’s attention towards it.

Make it Smell Good

Powder Toilet Eclectic style bathroom by homify Eclectic

Powder Toilet


Particular attention should be paid, such that the toilet smells good all the time. A toilet that becomes and stays damp easily can develop a musty odor. Using a can of air freshener is an easy solution. A small exhaust fan always helps clear out the moisture. One can fill an attractive vase or bowl with white vinegar or baking soda, and place it on the bathroom counter. Set a hamper of potpourri in the corner of the room. A mixture of pine, rose petals, spices, and citrus peels smells great. An additional way to add fragrance is a perfumed candle. Another great idea is to place some fresh flowers in the corner like the one in this picture, as staged by Mumbai design house Interface.  

Magazines to Read

Ultra-Modern Red Washroom Modern bathroom by homify Modern

Ultra-Modern Red Washroom


Adding shelves, on which you can place a selection of with magazines will make any person feel comfortable in a bathroom. Some people refer to the bathroom as ‘the library’. It’s the most peaceful place to take a quiet break in and catch up with information one does not otherwise get the time for.

Put some comfort on on the floor

Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to step out of the bath onto the warmth of a carpet? Adding a fluffy carpet would be a luxurious feeling. Carpets make bathrooms appear warm and inviting. A soft carpet would be so much more comfortable than cold tiles. And of course, they are easy to install and can be changed regularly.

Make the room look bigger

One of the easiest ways to make a bathroom look bigger is to brush up the walls with a lighter hue – think soft pastels and bright whites. If the color of the wall is a natural or neutral tone, it will brighten up the area and make it look larger. This adds to the overall good feel.  The walls in a toilet control its complete attitude and vitality. A light blue ceiling and elusive clouds will give the feel of the sky above. It will make your home’s smallest room look the most peaceful and serene.

If you have a small bathroom, then the key point to remember is functionality. Small sized rooms can very easily end up in undesirable clutter. So, you better make certain that each of various elements of design you incorporate in your plan serves the purpose of some functionality or the other. Merely decorative stuff with no usefulness will eat into the little space you have to work with. All your plethora of knick-knacks or objects should be useful and carefully chosen.

The various things you can do to ensure this is by keeping your swabs and balls of cotton in jars made of glass, fixed to floating shelves, keeping a hamper underneath the sink, and maybe adding some stacked baskets below the cabinets. Make sure to carefully plan your bathroom storage as this takes up a lot of space usually, and it is a mighty waste if it has low utility. For more ideas on how to make your bathroom look wider, here is a nice article that you could refer to - Tips to create a wider bathroom.

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