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A stylish home with an ultra-modern look

Residential project, NA ARCHITECTS NA ARCHITECTS Modern living room
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NA Architects from Hyderabad show how geometry can be used to create exotic and exquisitely stylish residential living spaces. Modern methods, modern materials and modern designs highlight this supremely attractive and stylish residential project. High profile executives will find this delightful project a perfect representation and extension of their personalities. The interiors eschew bright and colourful tones in favour of muted shades of white, brown and gray with black forming a contrasting atmosphere. Without any ado, let's just step in and soothe our eyes. 

Charming living

This living area is obviously western in concept and execution. An abstract mobile sculpture graces the living area at one side, set against a backdrop of glass partition that leads you inside to sit on comfortable sofas and carry on a conversation. The large full length glass frontage gives a delightful view of the sun-drenched green foliage outside. The effect is airy, spacious and light but, with a deep sense of privacy strengthened by the use of dark, full-length curtains. However, it is the fluorescent cyan lights and the striped ceiling panel that give character to this room.

Bold dining room

The black upholstered dining chars and dark glass topped dining table stands out against the white vitreous tiles and walls. The monotony of straight, spare lines is broken up by the use of round wall mirrors and the curved motif is extended into the art pieces. This creates a modern ambience, and calls for modern, exotic food to be served for a party after which it is time to retire to the cosy bedroom.

Cocooning warmth

Set against a wall, the bed and the entire room reflect a minimalist approach but, as befits a bedroom, the overall tone is one of cocooning warmth and sophisticated elegance by the use of wooden parquet flooring in brown teak shade. This warm tone is further strengthened by the bed with its uprights in brown, bordered by darker mahogany. It is all about privacy and extreme comfort, your own nook and hideout in an otherwise modern living space, from here you can view in the hall leading out to a spacious lawn, let us move on…

Black and white facade

Tall glass French doors are the dividing line between the spacious grassy lawn and the living space. The main feature is a plush dark sofas set against light mirror vitreous tiles, facing inside. Here again, the mood is one of stark contrast, a totally western effect where a young nuclear family could feel very comfortable.

Pamper yourself

This larger than life LCD TV occupies the entire width of the wall of the recreational room. Watch a movie lying down on the floor or reclining on full length recliners. In tan and brown, this is one room  where you will have enjoyable moments watching movies or playing  games with an immersive experience. It is about modern lifestyle in a modern surrounding. Go ahead and pamper yourself.

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