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20 floor designs for your home exteriors

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The place outside your home is an area that needs careful attention. It can be the area in the lawn or the small garden space, which does not look very impressive. The space might also be used as a games area for the kids or you can place some nice furniture in the area. Having a simple cement floor is a great idea. But the place looks all the more better with little design. Adding designs and finishing it well will add more interest to the outdoor floor. In fact, various kinds of materials can be combined for making the floor.

Mentioned below are 20 amazing outdoor floor designs, which you can surely try in your home:

1. The artificial turf with wood and stone

The outdoor floor can have the combination of these three elements perfectly – stone, wood and artificial turf. The artificial turf looks like a spread of lush green grass. Wooden trails are placed on the green turf and the spaces in between are filled with small stones. No high quality maintenance is needed for this kind of floor setting for the outdoors.

2. Use of cured brick

This is an open terrace. The cured brick floor in dark shade looks amazing and has an interesting texture. The seams in the bricks are barely distinguishable. The floor has a modern texture and appearance. The furniture placed on the roof is just perfect and highly in sync with the settings of the place. The colourful cushions add colour to the white furniture.

3. The anti-slip floor

The special texture of the floor is highly anti-slip. This kind of floor is highly suitable for home outdoors as there are negligible chances of skidding even when it rains.

4. Clay floor with rustic appeal and appearance

The entire setting of the house comes with arched designs and has colonial air. To keep in sync with the structure and the construction, the floors have been done likewise. The baked clay floor in the house exteriors is made in square design and has a completely rustic appeal.

5. Use of two kinds of stones

Check out this amazing outdoor floor design. Stones in two different shades are used on the floor in contrasting colours and this gives the design a unique appeal.

6. Combination of wood and stone

This outdoor area looks sophisticated and smart at the same time. Small stones are spread all over the patio and a wooden path is created on the stones. There are two advantages of this outdoor floor design – first there are no chances of weeds developing in the soil and second there is option of good drainage as well with this setting.

7. The wooden deck

Check out this terrace area with the pergola setting. The wooden deck on the terrace creates special flooring. The exterior floor of the terrace is at ground level and the wooden deck is few centimetres above this floor. The wood used for the flooring is specially treated before using it on the floor. These floors have to be maintained well and that the floor lasts long and looks as good as new.

8. Joined concrete sheets

These concrete sheets are specifically made for outdoor floors. They are made in a way so that they can be cut and be molded into walls which are built. They are manufactured in module form with pre-established size. The design of the floor is taken into consideration for this setup to work well.

9. The long parquet corridor

This outdoor corridor looks simple and stylish. Wood is used in long slats. The best thing about the whole setting is that the colour of the slats matches with designs of some parts of the house. the natural colour makes the place looks spacious and stylish.

10. Use of boards

See the floor material and you will be amazed with the use of boards that have been designed specifically for the home exteriors. This arrangement not only looks excellent, but also guarantees durability.

11. Stone laja

This terrace looks lovely. The comfortable furniture adds to the appeal of the place. Another interesting thing is the floor which is made of flagstone. This stone has a different kind of tone and texture. The colour and shade of the stones change from time to time.

12. The grey colour

The terrace looks fascinating. When the furniture and the colour of the pool water want to be highlighted, try installing this kind of natural stone in grey colour for the best effects and results.

13. Combination of concrete and stone

This floor has a unique texture. Stones are embedded inconcrete in a way that they form regular pieces in same size. The direction of the setting is unidirectional. And this gives balance to the design and the outdoor floor.

14. Use of more and more stone

This particular floor has a definite drawing pattern. The dimensions of the stones which are used in making the floor match with the drawing on the floor. Obviously the size and form of the stones are different. The placement of the stones is purely orthodox work.

15. Floor in ceramic

Ceramic is widely used in outdoor areas in many houses. Just ensure that the ceramic tiles are anti-slippery in nature so that there are no chances of accidents taking place.

16. Beautiful design on the floor

The first look on this outdoor floor makes one think that a rug is placed on the floor. The ceramic pieces which are used on the floor have different kinds of designs and patterns drawn on them. The work is done meticulously so that the attention is not drifted from the design.

17. The stylish brick path

When it comes to the flooring of the patio, this arrangement looks just fine. The bricks have been locked in an innovative and stylish manner for making a new path in the patio. Great length can be covered with this style. Just one thing has to be considered that the design should be done in such a manner and in solid materials so that stability is not lost when one steps on the path.

18. Cut stone and concrete slabs in different sizes

Concrete tiles in varying sizes have been placed on the floor. Gravel style chopped stone is used in other parts of the floor where the furniture is not placed. This setting helps in draining rainwater more effectively.

19. Paving stones

A part of the path in this image has cobblestones. However, the central area is round and flat and done in solid concrete. In this space, various kinds of interesting activities can be carried out.

20. The wooden floor which looks so different and unique

This wooden floor all around the garden area is not something, which can be commonly seen. Meticulous planning has gone into making this floor design. Proportions of the material have to be calculated, angles have to be measured and then a drawing is created of the whole plan. The wood is also cut sharply at the end, which is next to the lawn.

These designs are amazing and easy to install too. Try them right away!

Which of these floor designs inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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