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2018 trends: these are the colors to paint the facade of your house

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Are you ready to find out about the 11 colors that can help you give a unique and renewed touch to your house this new year?  

If your answer was an enthusiastic one, yes, it is time for you to get comfortable on your favorite sofa or chair and continue reading this book of ideas, because the colors shown below have never been seen as usual alternatives to paint houses, even less from the outside; and you will get to see a wide variety of colours presented such as violet, turquoise, pale tones, even green and yellow shades that are rarely seen on facades of houses. There is no doubt that this 2018 has many surprises!

1. Olive green

Despite the fact that green is one of the colors that occupies most of both the interior and  exterior of the home, the olive tone is not one of the most used, that is why we could not fail to highlight it as a chromatic trend for 2018. 

2. Pale pink

Paleness is a trend in 2018, so do not be surprised to see other shades, in addition to pink, with a formidable softness.

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3. Yellow corn

The passion of yellow will not stop in the 365 days of this 2018, for example, yellow corn on the facade will be a great success especially for traditional designs, firstly because it combines very well with other emblematic colors of the traditional style such as the reddish ones; and secondly because it is a striking and cheerful tone but not very intense.

4. Soft orange

A soft orange is what we will see a lot this 2018, that is, that the vibrant tones will let you rest a little, even in summer the pastel colors will do wonders, we assure you. Now, if you do not want to sacrifice the flashy, combine a pale color with one that is not, here the yellow works very well.

5. Purple

The facade that we show you above is preparing to receive the new year, do you want to do the same? then run through purple paint, which will be a chromatic trend. Yes, it is one of the most risky alternatives, but with prudence and the necessary neutral contrasts, success is assured.

6. Yellow minion

The passion of the Minions is such that it has already reached the decorative field, to such an extent that the peculiar yellow color of these characters is a trend for this new year. On your facade, combine it with tones that help neutralize it a bit like a noticeably darker colour such as coffee.

7. Clear melon

This color is similar to orange, but with a coral touch. It's perfect to give the necessary color, without risking much and remaining cautious.

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8. Pale blue

Blue is always in chromatic tendencies, last year midnight blue was seen everywhere and loved by millions of people, now clarity reaches this chromatic range so that pale blue does wonders in the decoration of houses. It is clear that returning to this protagonist color can make the environment very cold, but as a detail it looks great.

9. Garnet

Another tone that daring people will love is garnet. On its own, it looks great already, but together with the yellow Minion it looks fabulous. 

10. Gray metal

The gray that resembles metals, especially steel and aluminum, is the penultimate color trend that we recommend for you to color your home. The preference for this color is because in everything that involves the decorative field, metals are present. 

11. Turquoise

It's time to say goodbye, not without first mentioning that if you love turquoise, this year you have a pleasant surprise: it is a trendy color to paint the house!

Start with a bit of it on your facade, and if you become addicted to it, mix between flashy and subtlety and use it in decorative details, vases, curtains or frames for  doors and windows.

We hope you've enjoyed the ideas and tips here. For more inspiration, you can have a look at how to design the ideal facade.

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