16 ideas to inspire you to renew the entrance of your house

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A beautiful entrance speaks volumes about a home, so it is worth highlighting its details and characteristics, since it is part of the main façade, it is our letter of introduction and the first impression we will give to guests visiting our home. 

With your personal stamp and dose of creativity, the entrance can be renewed; sometimes with simple details or with more complex elements. If you feel it is time to give a new look to the entrance of the house, in today's book, we will give you 16 ideas that will inspire you to renew it as soon as possible. 

1. A change of color

Colors have the ability to transform spaces and our mood. To give a renewed air to  the entrance of the house, a simple and very effective solution is to change the color of the walls that frame the main door. The choice of color should be in harmony with the rest of the facade, but if neutral colors predominate, it is well worth the risk, choose a color that makes you smile every day.

2. A garden

Decorating the spaces of the home with nature, gives them an elegant aesthetic, fresh and full of color and textures. A front garden is an excellent idea to renovate the entrance of the house. The size will depend on the space you have available, the best thing is that there are alternatives even for the smallest and narrowest dimensions. For more inspiration and ideas, you can have a look at 17 pictures of small garden ideas for your home entrance.

3. A green wall

An alternative to have a front garden, which will not take up space but will highlight the beauty of the entrance, is a green wall. As you can see, just a strip of plants on one of the columns of the entrance completely transform its appearance, enhancing the beauty of the entrance to the home. 

4. Pathways

Pathways are a fantastic idea to decorate the exterior areas of the house, and at the entrance they emphasize the access, guiding the visitors along a route that can be interesting if you add attractive materials as we can see in this image. The combination of stone and wood is ideal, natural and full of texture and subtle contrasts.

5. A water source

Fountains offer an incomparable beauty in the design and decoration of the home. Its constant sound is relaxing, harmonious and is a very original idea to put it in the entrance of the house. There are designs that adapt to any space and budget, so it is an option that should not be ruled out.

6. Creative signs

The number of the house must have adequate visibility and be visible to all. To give it more emphasis, you can place it on a planter near the door with lighting that makes it visible at night.

7. Security and beauty

Fences are sometimes part of the entrance of the house, because they offer greater security to our property. There are many styles and designs, and you can choose one that has an artistic touch like the one we see in the image if you like. 

For more ideas, visit: 14 beautiful fences which can give your house more privacy.

8. Light fixtures

The lighting at the entrance of the house is of great importance, because it not only allows visibility at night, but it is also a factor that increases the security of the house. From elaborate designs to small luminaries and light fixtures, you will find the option that best suits the style of the entrance of your house on homify's directory. 

9. The door

The door is the protagonist in the design of the entrance to the house, because inevitably everyone will have to pass it to enter the home. If yours has already lost its beauty and brightness, change it to one like the one we see in this proposal, in wood and spectacular.

10. Or change its color

Another simpler alternative is to change its color, which must be according to the style of the house and other elements that make up its environment. A vibrant and original color like this one in Mexican pink, will look sensational in a facade of neutral materials and colors.

11. Incorporates stone or ceramic tiles

Stone coverings are ideal for renovating the house and decorating the entrance of the home, they are extremely original. In this design, we see that some geometric stone tiles have been placed, arranged on the floor and in a section of the wall, giving a special personality to the facade in general and especially to the entrance of the home.

12. Wrought iron grating

The elements that protect our home never hurt. Those designed in wrought iron, have a special charm too, it is a very elaborate and decorative work, which is ideal for rustic houses.

13. Or small rails to decorate the porch

If you have a porch in the house, you can place some small rails like the ones we see in this proposal, which offer a very attractive contrast of color and materials. This entrance has some stairs framed by these stylized pieces, which give a triumphant effect.

14. A pergola

Pergolas are highly decorative structures that exalt unparalleled access to the home. They can be large or small, depending on the size of your entrance, but beyond this, they offer effects of lights and shadows that will be a daily show.

For more ideas, visit: things to consider before buying a pergola.

15. A stone wall

The stone wall is warm, cozy and has a great personality, so for the entrance of the house, it can be an alternative of great visual impact. It is not necessary to place it in large quantities; just by covering one wall as we see in this project, the results will be clearly noticeable. 

16. Welcome greeting

Another original idea, full of creativity, is to place a welcome greeting at the entrance of the house, which makes it friendly from the first impression. Whether you place it on the door, as in this design or put it on a rug near the door, it will look great. 

We hope you've enjoyed the ideas and tips here. For more inspiration, you can have a look at 18 welcoming entrances for Indian homes.

Which house entrance design did you like best? 

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