5 tricks to ward off negative energy from your home

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Those who believe in the effects of good and bad energy use Feng Shui to decorate their homes. This ancient art, which has been practised in China for centuries, prescribes guidelines for placing the furniture, appliances and accessories in a certain way to enable the flow of energy or chi in the home. It is based on the belief that energy not only influences the house and the environment, but also the lives of the people who reside in it.

That is why today, homify presents 5 ideas to create the right energy in your modern home, helping you to eliminate the negative energy caused by envy, which does not allow you to progress and prosper as much as you should. In a home, perfect harmony only comes from the balance of yin and yang energies. An excess of objects that represent one of these energies generates an immediate imbalance in the environment. Harmonizing yin and yang in the rooms of the house will help to create well-being and harmony within the home.

1. Lavender for good energy

Whether you have a party for a birthday or just a get together with friends, most likely, there will be a few people who are critical or envious of what you do, resulting in negative energy. When you are planning a party, arrange beautiful lavender flowers, either planted in pots or placed in vases, in the living room as this helps to harmonize the negativity by spreading spiritual energy. It’s also ideal for people who are in low spirits.

2. Fans in the right places

It is very important to know where to place the fan in a room, because it can enhance the flow of chi or good energy in your home. Ceiling or pedestal fans make the air or wind move, but they should be placed at the right height so that they can be more effective as a Feng Shui remedy and surround your home environment with good energy.

3. Agate to protect

Agate, which is a natural stone, is believed to have protective powers. It has medicinal properties that help to promote internal stability, composure and maturity. Additionally, it provides professional support, as it stabilizes the imagination and inspiration of artists, besides protecting the personal safety of workers, cooks and bakers. It is even used by builders and construction workers as protection against falling objects. 

In short, it can benefit both your family life and your work environment, so it's a good thing to keep in your home, especially if you have a small workspace in your home.

4. Garlic to attract abundance

The garlic in your kitchen has more uses than just as a cooking ingredient. Those who practise Feng Shui know that it not only adds taste and a pungent smell but also is very useful. Considering that garlic comes from the earth and represents abundance, the thoughts and feelings that we have while we cook with it will be manifested in everything we create and consume.

Garlic will not only remove the envy created in a home by a stranger or guest, but also remove negative feelings inside each member of the household.

5. Bells for prosperity

Wind chimes or tubular metal bells that create a harmonic and melodious sound are an excellent weapon to activate prosperity. It is beneficial to activate this energy at least once a month.

You can also use Vastu Shastra to decorate your home and fill it with positive energy.

Which of these tips will you try? Respond in the comments.

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