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10 homes with small and beautiful indoor gardens

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Homes that aren't blessed with tons of square footage are not limited in any way when it comes to housing gardens. With a little professional help, you can flex your green thumb and create your very own indoor garden with plants that take up minimal space, require little sun and less maintenance. Whether your house is big or small, there is always space for a nice indoor garden! Here are 10 homes with small and beautiful indoor gardens that we are sure you will love!

1. A charming garden for the patio

You can incorporate an indoor garden in the patio of your home to add some life to the area. Any spacial arrangement should do like perhaps lining the staircase of your home with potted plants or perhaps resting them on a bed of pebbles.

2. Minimalist indoor garden

Indoor gardens make for an interesting piece of decor, particularly when you have vacant space lying in your living room. You can conceal the garden behind glass panes, laying the potted plants on a bed of pebbles.

3. A modern and elegant garden

The space beneath the staircase is home to a number of interior decorating designs, one of them being an indoor garden. You can place low maintenance plants such as cacti and ferns on a bed of pebbles.

4. A garden in the bathroom

Plants add a nice touch wherever they are placed, this is true of the bathroom as well. If space permits you can have you very own indoor garden right in the bathroom where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

5. A garden for the open spaces

Rather than leaving open spaces all by themselves, you can choose to add an indoor garden or perhaps just a couple of potted plants. If you like you can create a theme with pebbles and rocks as does this garden.

For more inspiration on corner gardens, have a look at this ideabook.

6. Zen garden

Zen gardens combine natural elements creating a space that emanates positive energy. You can place a zen garden just about anywhere including in that corner of your home that doesn't seem to fit anything!

7. A creative garden

Make use of the space in your garden in an efficient and creative way. You can have potted plants laying on the rungs of a screen or wall that you place up. With flowers and different varieties of plants you can make the space brim with life.

8. A fresh garden in the bathroom

Gardens when added to the bathroom make for a becoming space that allows for a relaxing retreat. You can add a garden within the smallest of all spaces. With suspended pots you can create a wonderful atmosphere.

9. A classic and beautiful garden

This patio oozes classic vibes that you simply cannot miss out on. It makes use of an indoor garden with stone elements and motifs. The mustard hued wall simply adds to the effect that this garden has to offer.

10. Vertical garden

If you don't have space on the floor to accommodate a garden, you can opt for a vertical garden such as this. For accompaniment you can look to smaller potted plants that you can line along the window sill.

For more inspiration, give this ideabook a read!

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