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10 smart ideas to make your small kitchen look spacious

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Having a small kitchen is not always as bad as it seems. With smart and practical ideas you can make the most out of limited space. Whether you live in a small apartment, an older home, you might grapple with the idea of a larger kitchen. But what if you could make your kitchen look larger than it actually is? You might not be able to increase the square footage of your home, but with a few hacks you can make it appear that way. Here are ten ideas that will make your kitchen seem bigger than it really is.

1. Glass cabinets for the kitchen

Solid kitchen cabinets add a fuller appearance to the area highlighting the size of it. If this is something that you would want to stay clear of, then a solution in glass cabinets you will find. Glass cabinets are light and make for quite the statement in the kitchen.

2. Neutral and delicate colors for the kitchen

Keep things simple by choosing a pair of colors at max to paint the walls of your kitchen with. Flashy, bold, loud colors attract too much attention giving away the size of the kitchen. To make it look more spacious, you can choose neutral colors such as peach or cream.

3. Furniture that is proportionate to the size of the kitchen

Petite furniture works well with smaller kitchens as opposed to large bulky ones that cram up the space. If you have a dining space in your kitchen then opt for smaller chic chairs such as this. With a feature wall you can take all focus away from the size of the kitchen.

4. Tuck your cabinets within the walls of the kitchen

Having cabinets run along the upper half of your kitchen leaves you with more storage space. This way you won't have to keep your kitchen utilities out in the open, leaving you with a more spacious area.

5. Neutral kitchen tiling

Kitchen tiles with simple, plain motifs are ideal for a small kitchen. You can choose white or light colored cabinets and a granite kitchen counter top for a more neutral appeal. This builds the idea of a more spacious area.

6. Modular kitchen elements

Modular kitchens come with added storage space which are fully functional and effective in concealing the space crunch. This cabinet, for instance, makes use of multiple layers of storage eliminating the need for more storage space.

7. Open shelves are more practical in smaller kitchens

Open shelves are charming and work perfectly well for smaller kitchens. They replace the need for kitchen cabinetry which can sometimes result in a bulky looking kitchen. With shelves, you can save more space and create a more spacious look.

8. Focus on the necessities of the kitchen

Make a note of the bare minimum essentials required in the kitchen. You would require shelves for your cutlery, a few cabinets for storage, knife holders, and so on. Once you narrow it down to the necessities, you'll end up with adequate space to house them.

9. Open space kitchens

Open space kitchens are great to experiment with. With the right mix of colors, you can create the right vibe as the kitchen in the following picture demonstrates.

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10. High ceilings for the kitchen

Higher ceilings make the kitchen seem less cluttered. It creates an illusion of a larger space which is simply impossible to get by! Neutral, lighter colors such as mustard and white contribute towards the idea as well.

11. Smooth lightning for the kitchen

Lighting plays a vital role in any room as it does in the kitchen. Make sure to stay away from darker lights as they would highlight the intricate details. Instead, opt for lighter shades that bring out the best in your kitchen.

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