15 garden privacy tips against nosey neighbours

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A house with a garden is always nice and pleasant to have but at the same time, some of us would feel a need for privacy especially when we have nosey neighbors. For most homeowners, getting along with neighbors is fairly easy and if luck favors you, you're likely to have a good relationship with them. As enticing as a good rapport with neighbors is, we all enjoy a little privacy from time to time. Here are some professional privacy tips to safeguard you against nosey neighbors.

1. Wooden fence to guard the garden

A wooden fence is ideal for the garden as it appears to keep up with the theme that the outdoors has to offer. Natural elements add a nice vibe to the area especially if you make use of bamboo that comes in varying shades.

2. Line the garden wall with plants

Mid-rise walls don't constrict your view completely and neither do they expose you which is why they are repeatedly chosen to guard homes. To add a natural element you can have plants and greenery line up against the entire wall.

3. Stone walls for the garden

Another idea that you can experiment with is stone walls as opposed to regular bricked walls. You can add variation to the mix by choosing varied colors and surfaces. The choice of a smooth wall or a rough one is yet another factor to consider.

4. Mesh and stone for the garden wall

Here is an interesting garden wall that is unlike any other. It makes use of a stone wall with crystals and stones as a means of decor. To keep these in place, a metallic mesh is made use of which is complemented by the stone bed present.

5. Natural elements for the wall of the garden

Here's a rather interesting arrangement that makes use of nothing shy of natural elements. A terrace of greenery has been employed, which, at each level represents a different orientation of flowers, shrubs and bushes.

6. A metallic gate for the garden

You can keep things simple with a metallic gate that keeps you secluded from the outside. Individual sheets of metal encompass this unique gate. The tiny squares that have been cut out of it alongside the spaces between the sheets are so simple yet oh so effective!

7. What better than a garden wall made of plants

Are you wondering how to tame those wild, wild bushes in your backyard? Stop! Before you set out to get your hedge trimmers consider this idea- there's absolutely no need for them! You can create a wall of greenery, flowers, shrubs, creepers, crawlers, and anything in between to safeguard you against pesky neighbors.

8. Tropical fencing for the garden

For a tropical look that has roots in the serenity and quietude here is the perfect fence. Essentially comprised of slender logs of wood, the arrangement allows for spaces between which add a unique touch. With a simple well pruned bush and pebbles this garden is all too alluring.

9. A mix of elements for the garden wall

Rather than a single material for the wall of your garden, you can opt for a mix in the variation. This simple wall runs along the border of the house, only to be met by sections of pebbles and mesh at certain areas to add a nice dynamic.

10. Now that's an interesting wall for the garden!

The aesthetics of your home are wildly influenced by the creativity that you imbibe within the simplest of all elements. Black paint has been used extensively to cover the surface of this wall which really brings out the intricacies of it in a wonderful way.

11. High rise walls and trees make the difference in the garden

If you have a lot of trees in your backyard and are looking to keep them to yourself, then here's an idea you cannot resist. It makes use of high-rise walls which are lined with mesh, housing a stoned wall within.

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12. Just another brick in this wall for the garden!

A simple wall really does the trick as is demonstrated in this case. Essentially keeping up with a rustic theme, the wall is lined at the bottom with potted plants. Ideal for a grill or barbecue- a bricked wall without motifs or intricacies doesn't stand damage charges!

13. Pebble walls for the garden or courtyard

Gardens are often incomplete without the addition of pebbles. What better way to make use of them, than by inscribing them along the surface of the wall protecting your home? With lights, you can bring out the best in your garden or courtyard.

14. Stone walls for the garden

Taking a lesson from the basics of design is this lovely stone wall. Comprised of stone blocks cemented together, the wall makes quite the statement with its simplicity and functionality.

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15. Blinds for the garden

Here is yet another original idea that you can make use of if privacy is what you seek. Blinds are an effective way of ensuring just that while keeping in mind the aesthetics of the garden.

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