15 stylish and modern looking sliding doors

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Sliding doors are becoming a preferred option for many homes now for the various advantages that they offer. These doors can be used in any room of the house and is a great space saving solution for homes with space constraint. Sliding doors are available in different styles and designs and it can be synced well with the décor and setting of the home and room.

Having sliding doors helps in dividing space within a room. In rooms where having hinged doors is not possible, sliding doors are a great option as they save space. There are different materials in which sliding doors are made. They can be in metal, wood or glass or a combination of the materials. Mentioned below are some excellent models of stylish looking modern sliding doors, which you can install in your house as per the need and settings of the place:

1. Using wood in vertical lines for the sliding door

This is an extremely stylish looking sliding door, which also adds to the décor of the space successfully. Along with being modern, the design is also simple in which wood has been cut in thin strips and assimilated in a stylish manner. The door has a rustic appeal, which makes it all the more attractive. The door handle in contrast shade enhances the beauty of the door significantly.

2. The wooden frames

This sliding double door comes with wooden frames. The interiors and the exteriors of the house have been connected as well as divided with the help of these doors. This is also applicable for the joining the interiors with the terrace or the garden in an elegant manner. The décor and the style of the house is such that with the glass sliding doors, abundant natural light gets to enter the space and the interiors are illuminated.

3. The traditional appearance

This thick wooden sliding door comes in traditional style. This design of the sliding door can be used in many rooms of the house, including the master bedroom. A royal and grand appearance is guaranteed with installing such a door.

4. Square designs which are uneven

This sliding door style can be used in the home interiors and is a great way of separating spaces in the most sophisticated manner. This arrangement can be an additional motif for room décor. Translucent glass is used in the door and the support is provided with thin wooden frames. The wooden frames are used in making rectangles and squares in uneven design and shape.

5. Rectangular design on sliding doors

This sliding door has the combination of metal and glass and looks really elegant. The design is simple with equal rectangular patterns in horizontal shape. This door imparts privacy to the family members. The social area and the corridor are cut off with this door. Thus the bedroom and the other areas of the house are completely separated offering the much needed privacy.

6. Sliding door and window

Check out this amazing looking sliding door and window construction technique and style for the living room. The colour and design of the frames of the windows and doors present a visually pleasing sight.

7. Discreet and fine looking sliding door

See how this sleek and stylish matte glass door separates the kitchen and the living room brilliantly. In fact, this installation adds to interesting detail in the house. It is also a great space saving option. Also, note the brilliant colour combination of the whole setup making the place look really attractive.

8. Using glass for simplicity

You don’t need to do elaborate things always to draw attention in a house. Simple things with little adornments add to the beauty of the place. The architectural detail also needs special attention in this regard. This is a simple door design in glass with a black frame. It connects as well as separates the interiors with the terrace or the garden.

9. Installing a new door for the hall

If you are planning to separate or join the corridor to the interiors space in a house, you can always use a sliding door for the same if you did not have a door in the area already. The sliding door is easy on installation and has enhanced visual appeal as well. This door acts as a piece of aesthetic décor for the place.

10. The white frames in the sliding doors

This sliding door in the house is wide and divides the exteriors and the interiors of the house effectively. In this door, the frames are prominently visible and the white shade accentuates the décor of the doors. The materials and colours used in the door impart a modern looking décor to the space.

11. Combination of wide frames and narrow glasses

This sliding glass door design looks attractive because of its distinct style and pattern. In this door design, the glass sheets are narrow and the frames are wide and strong. In this image you can see that these kinds of doors are installed for outdoor environment and they have to be safe for strong winds. Heavy and safety glasses are used for such doors with powerful frames.

12. The sliding door that conceals

This sliding door design looks like concealed right in the centre of the false wall. When the door is closed, it looks like there is a solid wall in place as the design of the wall and the door is same. And when opened, you can connect the two spaces which are separated by the door. This sliding door is definitely a stylish addition to the house.

13. Stylish sliding folds

This door design is such that it can be used in different spaces of the same house. This door has the ability of folding on itself and can be slid to one side when it is opened completely. As a result, there is abundant free space left for communication.

14. Sliding door with elegant design

If you are looking to impart elegant style in the room décor, try installing these large opaque glass doors in the place. Usually these door settings come with fine metal frames imparting sophistication to the place without the need of doing much.

15. Classic wood for sliding doors

Usually a full sliding door in wood is a rare find. But this design of wooden sliding door looks excellent and grand at the same time. The only thing is that these doors are heavier and are not collapsible.

Try implementing any of these ideas for installing sliding doors in your house.

Which of these ideas inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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