6 Storage ideas for your TV room

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A place to ideate, to relax, and to have conversations, the TV room is where the family bonds together. The TV room can be used for movie night, for a game of snakes and ladders, or for music appreciation. Every media room differs from others depending on the taste and requirements of the individuals. Some media rooms include a television while some prefer a projector. 

The common element of all media rooms is the storage needs it requires. TV rooms need storage shelves and cupboards to store CD collections, movie collections, sound system, and other accessories. Take a virtual stroll through these storage ideas for your media room. 

The contemporary touch

Simple, streamlined, and functional, this storage cabinet is a great accompaniment for your media room. A single unit, the storage cabinet is designed with two closed shelves and two open shelves. Offering ample space, this storage cabinet allows you to store your music and movie collection. The open shelves provides space for your media devices like a DVD player.  

Single occupancy

A single unit, this storage cupboard is effective and space saving. Without consuming a lot of area, this storage cupboard stores your collection of music, movies, and other accessories. The storage cupboard flaunts four large shelves with ample space for your media room essentials. It also offers space on the top to store your memorabilia or curios. Designed in wood, the storage cupboard blends rustic and modern styles.

Console style

A colonial style design, the console table is the perfect addition to your media room. This console table, with its colonial style, blends delightfully with the contemporary decor of the media room. The console table offers storage space with its shelves and a glass drawer. With ample space on the top, the console table provides space for a television. A small design, the console table is great for your media room requirements. 

Sleek in silver

A combination of rustic and modern styles, this storage cabinet is a great addition to your media room. A two-piece unit, this storage cabinet comprises of a console table and a storage cabinet. The console table provides space to display your television and to store media devices like a DVD player. The storage cabinet offers storage space for your movie and music collection with its two-doored design. In shades of silver and black, this storage cabinet blends perfectly with colonial and modern media rooms.

Design on display

Designed to occupy the length of the wall, this storage option crafted by Hasta Architects offers ample storage space in your media room. A wooden design with metal accents, the storage option boasts of a geometric design for added appeal. It offers space to display your television and store your media accessories, movie and music collection. The storage option also provides space to store other media devices like speakers or a DVD player.

Fully booked

A unique design, this storage cabinet is crafted to occupy the length and the width of your media room. Fashioned with a plethora of shelves, the storage cabinet provides space for your television, movie and music collection, media accessories, and books. It also offers storage space for lampshades and memorabilia. A multifunctional design, the storage cabinet is the perfect addition to your media room.

Browse through this ideabook for ideas on television storage. 

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