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Bedroom closet storage ideas

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In most homes, storage takes up the most space with you saving memorabilia, books, clothing, and other accessories. Some like the storage space to be discreet, almost blending in with the decor of the room. Some like the storage to be minimal and space-saving. There are multiple ways of storing your things efficiently and without changing the dynamics of the room. 

Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom requires most storage options for clothes, shoes, accessories, bedroom linen, and others. The storage options increase thus, making the bedroom look cluttered and stuffed. Browse through these storage ideas and seek inspiration for effective storage in your bedroom. 

Minimal storage

Small and portable, this storage shelf is perfect for those who like minimal storage options. Encased in shiny metal, this storage shelf is a combination of multiple shelves in varying sizes and a shirt rack on the side. A mobile design, this storage shelf can be moved around the room as per your convenience. Simple yet functional, the storage shelf helps you store your clothing and other accessories easily.

Child's play

Does your kid scatter the toys all around the bedroom? This functional storage shelf design is perfect for a kid's room. With a bed sitting atop the shelves, this storage option saves space and gives your child more area to play with their friends. A plethora of shelves in varying shapes and sizes offers ample storage space for your kid's clothing, toys, books, and other accessories. 

Adult's play

The adult version of the kid's room, this storage option is perfect for those who prefer bedrooms with closets. This storage option is designed beneath the bed, allowing you store your essentials without consuming added space in the bedroom. With open shelves and drawers, this storage option provides space for your books, accessories, and clothing. It also offers space for your shoes.

A closeted style

Do you have a bedroom with limited space? Add a closet, attached to the wall, to save space and store your clothing and accessories effectively. This closet is the perfect addition to your bedroom. A space-saving design, the closet is designed with several shelves and drawers to store your clothing. A large clothes rack runs across the closet to save space within. 

For more inspiration on clothes storage ideas, visit this ideabook.

Racks and more

The best storage solution is to introduce racks and shelves in your closet. An effective way to save space, this racked closet provides more storage options and space. The closet showcase multiple clothing racks with hangers and shelves. It offers space to store your clothing, shoes, accessories, and other bedroom essentials like linen. This storage solution clears the clutter in your bedroom and ensures more space for your activities.

Single solution

One of the most common furniture additions, the wardrobe is the oldest storage solution. A single standing piece of furniture, this wardrobe is multifunctional with the plethora of storage shelves inside. Fashioned in dark wood, this wardrobe has a rustic style. You can design the wardrobe to blend with the decor of your bedroom. 

Have a look at Bonito Designs for more inspiration on closet and wardrobe designs. 

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