7 Awesome Wood Houses for Stylish Living

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Pond House_Passive House (Passivhaus), Forrester Architects Forrester Architects Modern houses
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As a building material, wood has been extensively used through ages, owing to the grace and warmth it exudes. Its beauty, and versatility and durability make it an ideal choice for building homes. Add to that the advances made in wood engineering and you have a material which has immense architectural possibility. No wonder, that builders and architects are using it to create stunning wood houses of myriad styles. While some homes are entirely crafted from wood, others incorporate this material in varying doses.

Wooden houses are not just charming and elegant; they also provide a snug and warm feeling during winter days. Moreover, such shelters can be efficiently fitted with all modern amenities, thereby transforming your living space into a dreamy getaway or countryside holiday! And let’s not forget that wood is extremely sustainable, eco-friendly and will cost you less than a concrete house.

There is no limit to the amount of creativity and imagination that can be used while your wood house is being constructed. So here is a look at the different types of homes you can go for, depending on your taste, aspiration and budget.

Rustic style home for “grounded” living

The simple but chic house shown above, reminds you of a rustic cabin doesn’t it? Wood has been used abundantly to enhance the house’s welcoming appearance and there are adequate windows all around, to let fresh air and sunlight in. Though not visible here, the house comes with a living area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom equipped with all essential facilities. The interiors are entirely made from wood, are spacious with lofty ceilings, and the porch lets the inhabitants relax and admire the beauty of nature.

Is a modern home more to your taste?

Pond House_Passive House (Passivhaus), Forrester Architects Forrester Architects Modern houses
Forrester Architects

Pond House_Passive House (Passivhaus)

Forrester Architects

Love wood, but looking for a style that reflects the changing times? Then take a look at this modern wooden house situated in the middle of a large wetland. The façade uses a generous amount of glass, which lets you take a peek inside.

Interiors are simply designed but they are very roomy. The layout comprises of a living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, and service areas. A spread out garden surrounds the house and effectively animates its appearance. Siberian larch wood which is robust and long lasting has been used in the construction of the building.

A taste of Japan

Does Asian inspired living excite you? Then don’t hesitate to make your dreams come true. Pictured above is a traditional two storey Japanese house measuring 152 square metres. So there is ample room for sophisticated and Zen living.

The enticing wooden structure is slightly elevated from the ground, and comes with eye-catching thatched roofs and gently curved eaves. The minimalistic interiors are done up in wood of different shades, make use of Japanese screens and feature soothing lighting. Note how the greenery surrounding the house lends a peaceful vibe.

Modular homes for wandering souls

The idea of modular homes is pretty new but it is increasingly becoming popular with each passing day. These abodes are ideal for those who are constantly on the move, because they can carry their shelters with them! Modular homes are not constructed on the property location. Instead, they are manufactured in factories and placed or assembled on the plot in question. Builders can then handle all additional embellishments from there onwards.  

In the above image, the visually stunning, country-style modular house is made from wood. The design can hardly be distinguished from a normal structure built onsite. See how contrasting frames have been chosen for doors and windows to add an element of interest. The use of glass on the façade brilliantly reflects the hues of the sky and the verdant land. Don’t miss the simple but rejuvenating patio in front of the house.

Combine wood with other materials

Front facade and entrance The Chase Architecture Modern houses
The Chase Architecture

Front facade and entrance

The Chase Architecture

Not too eager about going all wood? Try blending its natural beauty with other materials such as stone, concrete, glass or stainless steel. Check out the residential building above, to appreciate the uniqueness of this idea. The wooden façade in this case, softens the hardness of the concrete structure underneath. The use of wood has also enhanced the visual appeal of the house and has made it more inviting.

This project has been designed by Etc Urban, a group of architects based in London. Different types of wood such as cedar, spruce, larch or timber can be used in making these structures.

Up for a minimalist style?

Want to live in a cosy log cabin far away from the madding crowd? Then this minimalistic wooden house is just right for you. It is situated in a small town in Gloucestershire in England, amidst the lush bounty of nature. The house sits on a raised wooden structure, and the space beneath it can be easily used as a corral for livestock.

This magical tree house like building has simple interiors furnished with basic amenities and peaceful lights. It is a great little place for meditating or curling up with a book. And if you are up for some company, then friends can come over to indulge in idle chat.

Get ready for futuristic living spaces

Are you someone who wants to stay ahead of times? Then why not unleash your desires to build a house which is both futuristic and stunning at the same time? Get inspired by the contemporary and ultramodern villa pictured above. Wood, stone and a substantial amount of glass have come together to concoct a structure that towers over the surrounding landscape.

Besides its massive size, the house also stands out owing to the stark design difference between the ground storey and top storey. While the ground floor exhibits a simple rectangular layout, the top floor resembles a science fiction imagination. The top storey living space gets flooded with natural light due to the extensive glass façade. And the interior is quite versatile where the living, dining and kitchen areas smoothly integrate with each other.

Already picked your favourite style? Then consult a builder or architect to go ahead with your project. Remember to discuss technical specifications, cost, advantages and disadvantages of a wooden house. It is usually recommended to go for premium quality wood, so that you don’t have to invest a lot of time or money for care and maintenance afterwards. To find out more about timber houses, go through this ideabook – Building a timber home – Yes or No?

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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