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16 amazing kitchen styles—which one would you want at home?

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Whether your current layout is in need of renovation or you are simply looking to refresh the look of your kitchen the perfect time to plan your dream kitchen is right now! You can design your kitchen in any manner that you like. If you are in need of inspiration, then you've clicked on the right post! Ranging from rustic kitchens to petite bold ones this post covers professional designs that you don't want to miss out on. You can experiment with designs, colors and materials- scroll down to see the many ways you can pair the three!

1. Marble and monochrome for the kitchen

For smaller homes a petite kitchen nestled away in a corner of the house should do more than suffice with this design! It makes use of a marble kitchen counter top with chrome cabinets running along the bottom. The upper half of the kitchen makes use of open shelves and cabinets which is a good combination for smaller kitchens.

2. Longitudinal kitchen design

Longitudinal kitchen designs help you save tons of space. Not only are they chic but also functional in every aspect. This kitchen makes use of dual tones of orange and white with modular kitchen appliances to complete the look.

For more inspiration, you can have a look at some professional designs right here at homify.

3. Timber- This kitchen's coming at you with a bang!

How about an all timber design? This one makes use of timber for the kitchen cabinets, the counter top and the dining table. It also accounts for the kitchen appliances within the cabinets allowing for a modular design.

Storage spaces for the kitchen are a must as this ideabook explores.

4. Industrial kitchen design

This design boasts of industrial vibes that you do not want to miss out on. Essentially playing with black, brown and white hues the design stands out. A granite kitchen top is made use of while the cabinets are of a rustic wood finish.

5. Clever cabinets for the kitchen

For a kitchen that's lacking in surface area, this one sure does a great job at coming out on top with its choice of colors! The aqua hued kitchen cabinets follow the layout of the kitchen while the appliances are neatly tucked away within the modular structure.

6. A kitchen of rustic charm

A rustic kitchen design is often the best for smaller homes. It exudes a certain charm that's impossible to get by. A wooden coated kitchen counter top is make use of which is in sync with the cabinets and dining table. With suspended bulbs, the kitchen is taken to a whole new level.

Are you wondering how you can organize your kitchen? Here's the perfect guide!

7. Terrific tiles for the kitchen

A petite kitchen is in the offing that plays with the subtle combination of grey and white across all its elements. To begin with, the tiling catches you off guard with simple yet effective motifs while the kitchen cabins make use of an all white surface with handles of metallic silver. The choice of chairs for the dining area keeps up with the color coding scheme of the kitchen.

8. This narrow kitchen has it all

Compact and cozy, the kitchen makes room for simply the essential and nothing else which renders it both functional and attractive. Towards one side, we see a brick lined wall which upholds artsy picture frames and a table top which serves as a dining area. The other hosts kitchen essentials- the counter top, cabinets and modular appliances.

9. A kitchen with a splash!

Floral designs light up any space that they are placed in and an unusual yet effective area to begin with is incidentally, the kitchen. In keeping up with the floral wave that these tiles bring about the aquamarine cabinets add a splash of their own! Wooden flooring when topped off with a white petite dining table sync with the upper cabinets of the kitchen.

10. Color pop for the kitchen

An otherwise plain all white ensemble is brought to life with a splash of a vibrant crimson hue. The single walled kitchen brings the essentials to the table while standing out with its unique color combination. The decor of the dining table seems to be a chip of the old block wouldn't you say!

11. Minimalist kitchen design

A minimalist kitchen design creates a gentle soft vibe which works perfectly well. The arrangement plays with various shades of brown- a darker walnut wood for the lower cupboards, a lighter neutral tone for the walls, and a netted blind for the mahogany framed windows.

12. Modern kitchen design

The choice of elements for the kitchen is vital in determining the vibe it creates regardless of dimensions. This single walled kitchen comes with a teal finish which has geometric prints running along the bottom of it. A black set of cupboards alongside a white modular chimney make this kitchen a standout!

13. Color and pattern mix-up kitchen design

It's the choice of colors and patterns that make this kitchen the wonder that it is. The kitchen aims to create a woody earthy effect and does so surprisingly well. With a wooden dining set, cabinets, caramel painted walls and an interesting pattern of kitchen tiles you can't really go wrong.

14. The lighting stands out in this kitchen design

An otherwise simple design is accentuated with the addition of lighting to the mix. The kitchen so wonderfully plays with soft tones making it quite the design for you to incorporate into your home. For the best effect, the dining table, kitchen mat and photo frame encapsulate the aura of the lighting exuding their own in the process.

15. An industrial yet minimalist kitchen design

Here's an amalgamation of a minimalist design with an industrial one. The result really speaks for itself as the cerulean blue kitchen cabinets intertwine with the metallic table for two while the suspended industrial light witnesses the union of this fascinating duo.

16. Wooden kitchen design

Birch coated surfaces are becoming as they lie between rustic and modern designs. A green feature wall bears a black board which resembles a menu at a restaurant while the tiling so wonderfully lives up to the theme set by the kitchen.

We hope these kitchen designs will suffice to ignite the flame within!

Tell us which kitchen spoke to you the most!

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