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12 striking pictures of balconies for small homes

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Most people in the city often don't have the luxury of enjoying the sun and fresh air in the garden. At most, the balcony might be the only available outdoor space where you can enjoy some fresh air. Don't let the mindset that your balcony is too small to enjoy get to you! Maximizing small spaces is simple with a set of bold and creative ideas.

Balconies offer wonderful corners, ideal to read, enjoy a chat, perform soft exercises such as yoga, or whatever you can think of. That said, we go on to show you beautiful ideas, some so simple that you will want to run to remodel everything!

1. Small but functional balcony

Balcony makeover - English Studio Earthbox Country style balcony, veranda & terrace
Studio Earthbox

Balcony makeover—English

Studio Earthbox

To some people the balcony is used as a storage room which is especially the case in small home, to some it's seen as merely and extension to the home and to others it's seen as a garden. A small home might not allow for all of these possibilities, but perhaps a combination of these as is seen in this image. You can use your balcony to be both a storage space and also a garden, the key is how to arrange the elements.

2. Little room set: room + balcony

A small balcony can be converted into a nest away such as this. All you need are some garden chairs or a couple of stools which don't take up too much space. To add a hint of freshness to the balcony, you can line pots along the window sill and hang up a painting perhaps.

3. The perfect getaway right within your balcony

The perfect getaway might rest in one's idea of a far away land with cushy hotel rooms and pampering. What is you could replicate that exact same thing right in the comfort of your balcony? With a cushy arrangement such as this- the spongy chairs, and the greenery as accompaniment, you can't really go wrong, now can you?

4. Luxury breakfast bar for narrow balconies

Who wouldn't like to catch their first meal of the day with a view of nature as their guest? This narrow balcony makes that dream a reality. You will need a ledge or simply the window sill to function as a table while bar stools function as chairs.

5. A balcony amidst nature

To create a dramatic effect in the balcony you can opt for drapes. You could tie them up when you crave some of the great outdoors while you seamlessly enjoy meals with your loved ones. You could gather around the center table and catch Mother Nature in her most beautiful form!

6. Terrace farming in the balcony you say?

If you find that you have absolutely no space in your balcony for a garden, then you can create your own little rendition of terrace farming just like this! Construct different levels of elevation and place your favorite flowers and pots within.

7. Wooden elements for the balcony

An all wooden ensemble really does speak for itself as this next balcony demonstrates. You can have just about any sort of greenery that you like in the balcony. The option of leaving the balcony open or with a glass pane is entirely up to you thought we suggest the latter.

8. A balcony with closed gallery and sliding door

If you have a small balcony then it's best you opt for a sliding door in order to save space. A simple garden chair with vines or a mini tree as accompaniment should be enough to avoid crowding the space that you have.

9. Accessories for the closed balcony

To take focus away from the size of the balcony you can accessorize. From a cozy little chair in the corner to Chinese lanterns you can play with just about anything. To keep the sun out, you can opt for printed drapes as well.

10. Pillows for the garden

The backyard can simply be decorated with bean bags or perhaps cushions for an added effect. You can experiment with colors, shapes and sizes.

See what advice the professionals have to offer!

11. Tinted glass for the balcony

Minimalist neat and tidy spaces could work in the balcony as well. If you have a large space that's lying vacant you can turn it into a sitting area. With sliding tinted doors you can make that distinction between the outdoors and indoors.

Here is how you can transform your balcony!

12. Convert your terrace into whatever you want

How about a mini kitchen in the terrace? With simple arrangements you can do just that. If you like, you can also turn the terrace into a study- away from all the hustle and bustle.

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