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25 miniature gardens (that you can have in any corner of your home)

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A simple, breezy garden doesn't necessarily require a large area. You can make your own miniature garden just like the ones suggested by professionals! Whether you create a garden at the base of your backyard tree, or in a container, or perhaps a flowerbed, miniature gardens are wonderful ideas for your outdoor space. They are so easy and fun to make, the whole family can get involved! If you have been trying to conceal that one corner in the house that you expect you'd be able to transform into something simple yet attractive, here are plenty of options for you to choose from.

1. A petite garden at the entrance

Create a welcoming presence at the entrance of the house with the simple addition of a garden made of flowers and greenery. You can choose to line the base of the garden with lawn grass that can be sculpted as you like.

2. A garden of shelves, perhaps?

If horizontal space is not at your disposition then you can turn to vertical space to create a garden right in your balcony. Making use of existing shelves, or constructing some yourself can serve as a pedestal on which potted plants can be placed.

3. A miniature garden along the walkway

The aesthetics of the walkway can be accentuated with the addition of a miniature garden. A bed of pebbles or rocks or simply flowers too could be chosen.

4. A bed of roses for the garden

Lilies, Asters, Roses or Lavender flowers can be arranged in a similar fashion. This creates an interwoven pattern of flowers resembling a stunning carpet. A lawn can form the base or even a bed of pebbles like this one.

5. Cacti along the sidewalk

Cactus can be used for its ornamental properties to create a miniature garden. The added benefit of using them is that they require minimum effort to maintain. Arrange a series of potted cacti along the sidewalk to turn your otherwise empty space into one that's bustling with life.

6. Vertical gardens all around

Vertical gardens exude an aura that engulf passersby, captivating them in the process. They are fairly simple to grow- all it takes is a bunch of wild vines. The rest is out of your control! For a complete look, you can choose to add miniature trees or potted plants depending depending on your liking.

7. A themed indoor garden

The best thing about miniature gardens is that they can be placed just about anywhere. Right from the living room, to that little corner that you left unattended! Play with the elements in your garden by creating a theme of a house in the woods or one on a snowy base or both if you please, as this one demonstrates.

8. A garden in the backyard

Despite the lack of space in the backyard, a garden can be fit in just about anywhere. The lack of surface area in the backyard is no reason to leave it plain. Decorate it with a vertical garden such as this with potted plants as accompaniment.

9. An organized garden

Having an organized garden such as this definitely says something about its owner, don't you think? With potted plants lining one wall, feather grass lining the other, and the center stage occupied by neatly trimmed bushes, this is one picture perfect garden!

10. A charming nest-away garden

When space is on your side, you make the most of it, especially if you can fit a beautiful garden such as this in your backyard. With trees, a lawn, vines and vegetation you can have your own rain forest right at home.

11. A Feng Shui garden

Combine the five elements of Feng Shui so as to welcome positivity into your home. You could have a water bed such as this with a deity to represent a few of the five elements.

12. A bamboo fenced garden

Signifying energy and peace bamboo is also considered a part of Feng Shui. You can incorporate it as a fence in your garden and create a nice earthy theme such as this.

13. A miniature garden along the divider

Dividers leave a tiny gap between the building and the adjacent wall and since this post is centered around miniature gardens, you know what's coming next! Line the wall with your favorite plants and notice the difference it brings about.

14. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to gardens

In order to spruce up the walkway, you could opt for some welcoming greenery such as this! Not only does it add life to the facade, but also makes for a welcoming entrance allowing visitors, friends and family to enjoy this newfound acquaintance!

15. A view of the garden right from the window

The space beneath this window sill has been effectively converted into a miniature garden. With a thicket being formed out of flowers and leaves, you have the shade to bask in with every peep out the window.

16. A garden for a border, perhaps?

A garden doesn't have to be confined to symmetrical equal dimension spaces as is demonstrated in this image. You can have your own garden going just about anywhere, even along the fencing of your backyard.

17. Cornerstone garden, anyone?

Here is a landscape that you won't bat an eyelid against. Petite, yet beautiful, simple, yet organized- the lilacs are simply the icing on the cake that is this wondrous garden! Doesn't this look like a professional garden?

18. When less really is more in the garden

Potted plants such as these can be placed just about anywhere bringing life into the area. This idea really is a play on simplicity as it makes use of white containers to contrast the bright green that the plants exude.

19. A miniature garden for the patio

Gardens can be teamed up with just about any element to create a visual effect. This can include soil, stone, pebbles and the like. While this garden makes use of soil to contrast the vibrancy of the yellow flowers in the miniature trees, yours can make use of anything else.

20. A Japanese garden

Japanese gardens are fast becoming an eye-catcher and this image explains why. The minimalist approach to the garden is accentuated with the addition of the stone and structures.

21. The arch to your home

The walkway often leads to a gate or the entrance of your home. But why don't you stop visitors right in their track for a tryst with nature? Decorating the entrance with an arch of flowers and greenery can add beauty to your home.

22. A choir of plants

The spatial orientation of the garden can be toyed with by placing plants at varying heights. Succulents, flowered plants and the like can be added on each level to bring out the best in your garden.

23. The garden stand

Create a nice garden stand such as this if you don't already have one and place potted plants along the length of it. Add it to your backyard and you are good to go!

24. Message in a bottle!

Adding creativity to the mix gives you an edge over all else. How about making use of jars in place of pots to house your plants. You can play with the colors of the jars and add ribbons with notes as well. Not only does this spice up your garden, but it also can be used as a gifting idea.

25. A hammock for the garden

Relax and unwind as the wind gently swings you in your backyard. You can use just about any type of greenery that you desire to transform your backyard into a haven.

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