7 extraordinary wardrobes that are the perfect fit for your house

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Whether you’ve always dreamed about a dressing room or walk-in closet with lavish frills or are considering a simple means of clothing storage and organizing, there is something for you and your home in this article. Of late, purchasing a wardrobe isn't a simple as wandering into your nearest furniture store and picking out the first unit that you see on display. Not only are wardrobes considered to be a sizable investment that will follow you from home to home for a good few years, but they can also add depth and personality to your room so you need to get it right.

1. When the bathroom is right next to the wardrobe

A strategic location for the wardrobe is right next to the bathroom as it saves you a great deal of trouble especially on those busy weekday mornings. This spacious wardrobe makes use of wooden shelves on one end which end in a drawer unit at the bottom. Adjacent to the shelves are two rows of hangers while the shelf at the top serves as a unit to store footwear.

2. Here's the ideal wardrobe

Compartmentalization is the key in any wardrobe and this one takes on just that. With dedicated areas to store belongings the wardrobe allows for a fair share of organization. Neatly divided- the wardrobe comprises of shelves, drawers and hangers. Carefully organize and plan your space, including drawers, low rails and more than enough shelving for an uncluttered appearance.

3. Minimalist made it to the wardrobe as well!

When everything is minimalist these days, why leave the humble wardrobe off that bandwagon? This wardrobe efficiently makes use of space and comprises of shelves on either end. It neatly ends at the bottom with organized drawers. Opt for this stylish and minimalist closet with elegant illumination and your space will be perfect.

4. This single walled wardrobe has it all

If you find that your house does not provide for a dedicated wardrobe, then you can make your very own, much like this one. A single wall has been consumed which makes up for the missing wardrobe. Multiple cupboards have been used leaving the insides a mystery to bystanders!

For more ideas on how you can turn a space into a wardrobe, have a look at this ideabook.

5. A walk-in wardrobe

Keep your bedroom free from the mess with a walk-in closet. It gives you the freedom to organize it in any way that you deem fit. How you make use of the space is entirely up to your needs. You can either make use of shelves or simple open spaces- the choice is entirely up to you.

6. Simple partitioning in the wardrobe

Plasterboard walls make for an efficient material for the wardrobe. This one has just the essentials- and nothing more which is particularly useful in smaller homes. The area is demarcated into shelves, cords and hangers for your clothes to simply hang out!

Here are some stunning wardrobe and cupboard ideas for you.

7. The small wooden wardrobe

It wouldn't harm to pay attention to the material of the wardrobe when it's being constructed. This one does just that and makes use of wood in every element. Not only does that bring about a professional touch, but also makes the wardrobe look more organized and tidy.

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