9 ideas to incorporate bamboo at home (from flooring to facade)

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Bamboo is an element that complements modern furniture as it adds a natural decorative accent, while still looking simple and minimalist. Bamboo shoots are not only a must have for modern homes but also incredibly affordable and can be purchased in any department store. If you are looking for an edge when it comes to the decor of your home, you might want to turn to bamboo. The following 9 ideas incorporate bamboo at home leaving you with plenty of inspiration to experiment with!

1. A textured wall of bamboo for your home

Bamboo is a wonderful element to incorporate into the bathroom. If you find that you need to divide the space in your bathroom, you can make use of a textured bamboo wall such as this. It adds a modern touch to the area which cannot be replicated by any other element.

2. Rustic bamboo lighting for your home

Here's a unique idea to try out if your sitting area features wooden chairs. In keeping up with the theme of the room, you can opt for bamboo decor that acts as a source of lighting. The orientation of the structures are entirely yours to choose from and could just count as your very own DIY project.

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3. Elegant bamboo partitioning for your home

When it comes to partitioning areas within the house, we often turn to walls, wall units, shelves and the like. This next idea puts a unique spin on that by making use of woven bamboo sheets as a means of a partition.

4. A bamboo frame for your home

Bamboo can also be used as a means of decor in the garden or front door of your home. You can make use of a frame of bamboo which can house potted plants as is depicted in the image. The best part is that the orientation and design is yours to choose from.

5. Protective fence of bamboo for your home

Bamboo has a number of applications, one of them being in the making of fences for your home. It's a unique idea that doesn't require high maintenance. There seldom is a need to add more elements for decor purposes as bamboo stands out all by itself!

6. Safety railings for the house

If you have a double storeyed house and are looking to baby proof it or perhaps make it safer for your kids then you can make use of bamboo for the same. You can line the areas you would want to protect with bamboo sticks and if you like, use them in continuum all the way along the railings for the staircase as well.

7. How about a natural curtain for your home?

Make use of bamboo in it's most natural form by letting it grow in your garden or backyard. A nice thicket of bamboo shoots can serve as divider or a means to keep your nosey neighbors away!

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8. Along the exterior cladding of your home

If you find that the exterior of your home is a bit plain, then you can make use of a design such as the one shown in the image. The facade makes extensive use of bamboo sticks that overlap for a modern, contemporary look.

9. Along the roofing of the pathway to your home

For homes that have a pathway leading up to them, bamboo can be made use of in the roofing. This creates an aura that's both warm and enchanting at the same time. For a holistic design you can line the floor with bamboo sticks as well.

Which bamboo idea inspired you the most?

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