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The current trend of making use of natural materials at home has been around for quite some time now which is why stone walls are making a return. The visual impact that natural stone has in and around a home is simply wonderful which is why more architects and interior designers have befriended the idea! Gone are the days when stone walls were only used in gardens and facades- having them indoors is just as charming! Enjoy these wonderful ideas of rooms with stone walls. We are certain that you will love them. Check them out right away!  

1. Stone wall cladding in the living room

A feature wall that's oozing with style along every crevice is a wonderful idea for a rustic themed living room. Wooden floor boards ameliorate the overall look of this room while the stone pillar boasts of rustic charm.

2. A wall of stone in the living room

The wall of this living room pays homage to medieval times with utmost precision. The take on varied sizes of stones erratically fitted into a modern living room wall make it unlike any other design. Medieval era styled decor and furnishing simply are the missing pieces to this wonder.

3. A stone wall for the entrance

An uneven finish to this stone wall at the entrance is all too alluring to miss. Dual toned stones resembling bricks are made use of in contrasting hues while the motifs on the darker toned elements look to be engraved patterns of wood.

4. Wall cladding for the facade

To shy away from all designs mainstream and carve a niche design for a facade is not only sought out for but a rarity. This contemporary facade makes use of dark hued stones with dual patterns on either side of the entrance.

5. Stone walls for the facade

This rustic home makes use of a stone wall that is lined with bricks along its entirety. In multiple shades this stone wall stands out while the front door majestically fits in the intrinsically carved out frame.

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6. Exterior wall with stones

Serene, yet pleasing this backyard of the house is met with a stone wall which stands out in all its subtlety. Glazed glass doors have been fitted into the wall which make for a very simple yet becoming wall design.

7. A feature wall featuring stones!

This feature wall adds life to this lovely sitting room as it houses the television with it's unique and captivating design. A variation in the pattern allows for white, grey and chrome hued stones to coalesce giving rise to the effect that this wall has to offer.

8. Stone wall for the hallway

Most of the hallways in our homes lack decor elements, furniture or anything special that would have made it look notable. Instead of purchasing expensive carpets and designer sculptures, get one of these walls with cladding design and add volume to the area. 

9. How about a stone wall for the living room

The upper floors of a home tend to have roughly shaped edges or sloping ceilings which call for unique decor elements that work well with the design. A stone wall lining the edges of the ceiling adds a nice touch as opposed to having a simple wall.

10. A living room with a textured stone wall

An all white themed living room exudes a certain grace that none else can replicate. When complimented by a stone feature wall, the living room does well in creating a modern, contemporary ambiance.

11. White washed stone walls for the kitchen

How about a petite all white kitchen nestled away in a corner of your house? This kitchen is succeeded by a living room that is in continuum with it. The unfinished white walls upholding the framework of the house are nothing short of charming.

12. A stone wall room divider

Dividing spaces in a home call for all sorts of unprecedented methods which might involve making use of furniture, cupboards or walls such as this one. The intricacies of this wall are simply stunning while the fireplace adds a nice touch.

13. A rustic stone wall for the dining room

This dining room is interesting in that it makes use of a rustic stone wall as part of the dining table. The decor keeps up with the overall theme of the room, while the colored cushions breathe life into the design.

14. Rustic themed stone walls in the kitchen

A rustic themed kitchen would be all but complete without the addition of a stone wall such as this. The design accounts for the minutest of all details including the rough muddy finish on the surface of the wall.

15. Stone wall cladding to separate spaces

This room divider comes with a rough finish indicative of the stone wall design that it so wonderfully attempts to incorporate. Lined with pebbles at the bottom, the wall stands tall.

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