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12 practical and very easy DIY ideas for your patio or garden

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Outdoor spaces such as the garden, front yard or patio should always be equipped with weather resistant attractive furnishings. Decorating the exterior of your house improves curb appeal and also creates another usable space which feels like home. Your outdoor living space should always look and fell like it's an extension of the inside. The DIY outdoor decor ideas mentioned in this ideabook work to enhance the beauty of the exterior of your home. In this book of ideas we bring to you some small, and simple ideas to beautify the patio or garden.

1. Blinds and a vertical garden

Vertical gardens add a different dimension to the area in which it's placed. If you do not have sufficient space to accommodate a garden, a vertical garden is your best bet. Create one with blinds that you suspend on the wall. Be sure to add some sort of rung or support to this so that you can place your favorite pots and plants!

2. Original flowerpots with succulents for the garden

If you don't have space for a garden, you can choose to line the rungs of a ladder with potted plants. For a low maintenance garden you can opt for cactus or succulents belonging to the same family. Pick out colorful pots and you are good to go!

3. Rest in a hammock and play in a tent in the garden

How about your own little retreat in the garden? With this lovely idea, there are more chance of you being outdoors than indoors! A simple tent can be created with cloth and pillows. For the hammock, an old hanger suspended with rope should do the trick.

4. An outdoor garden

Do you have an old sink that you have no use for? With this next idea, you'll be needing one soon if you don't already have one! You can place the sink in your garden or patio and have it function as a vase within which you can place a bunch of colorful flowers.

5. Fill your garden with the songs of birds

An old teapot can be transformed into a little sanctuary for your neighborhood birds. Cut out a tiny hole in a shape of your choice and place seeds within. Suspend the teapot with a rope from a tree or a branch and you are good to go.

6. An old piece of furniture for the garden

You can make use of an old table for your garden or patio. Neatly arrange your pots and plants on the table so that you can create a well organized garden such as this one.

If you are looking to decorate the entrance of your home, then here are some great ideas!

7. Sculptures for the garden

To accompany the flowers and greenery in your garden, you can opt for accessories. From sculptures to simple artificial flowers and buds such as this. It adds a nice new dimension to your garden. The more the merrier, after all, won't you say?

8. A beautiful tree in a corner of the garden

Bougainvillea is an excellent addition to any balcony, garden or patio. It has the ability to light up the area. They tend to grow in a cluster which is what contributes to the beauty they add. Place them in the corner of your backyard and have them encircle the railings and pillars in this manner.

9. Always space for a shade in the garden

The backyard or garden often is incomplete without seating arrangements. Have a nice little umbrella such as this beneath which you can have a table and chair. The best way to soak in on the beauty that the garden has to offer is to be amidst it.

10. More and more plants for the garden

The more the flowers in the garden, the better. With a vibrant palette of colors you can add beauty to your garden. From lilies to dahlias- there is no dearth in terms of the flowers you can add to your backyard.

11. Transform the terrace into a garden

You can add potted plants and greenery to the terrace to turn it from being an otherwise empty space to one that brimming with life. Add in some sofas and a coffee table and you have for yourself an alternate drawing room.

12. A lovely fountain for the garden

If space permits, you can have your very own fountain wall in the garden. Use a bed of flowers or a simple lawn perhaps as the bed of this arrangement for the perfect setting.

For more inspiration, look at this ideabook!

13. Plants that match for the garden

You can also opt for a single themed garden. Go for a single color and hero it right through the garden. This garden favors yellow- you can go for dahlias, sunflowers, so on and so forth. With a bed of rocks, you have for yourself the perfect haven.

14. Along the wall, a garden

You can also have a bunch of plants growing along the side of your backyard if you like. The diversity of the plants that you can grow adds to the beauty of your backyard.

15. Art for the house

A bright colorful wall can also add life to the area. Team it up with flowers and greenery of your choice for the perfect finish. The best part about this design is that you can add flowers just about anywhere space permits.

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