9 Ways to add life to your corridor using carpets

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Are you wishing that you can redo your floors, but unfortunately renovations aren't in the budget? With something as simple as a carpet for the corridor or staircase, you don't have to! All you need to do is pay attention to the kind of carpet you pick up along with how it gels with the rest of your decor. From brightly-patterned carpets to Geo-prints there are a number of options for you to experiment with. When decorating the space in your house, corridors prove to be one of the most challenging areas, because they are not very spacious and do not have too much natural light. To transform them completely, in this book of ideas we show you 9 proposals to decorate your  hall with carpets.

1. Scandinavian style carpets for the corridor

Geometric prints never went out of style and by the looks of it, it's here to stay! An otherwise empty corridor is now transformed into one that exudes a certain sense of modernity. To emphasize the beauty of the carpet, you can add lights directly above to bring out the best in your corridor.

2. A jute rug for the corridor

This placid jute rug is accentuated with the addition of the black border to trace it's ends. The color picked out for the carpet coincides with that of the doors for the hallway. For accompaniment, the adjacent mirror with a zebra striped frame is coherent with the border of the rug.

3. A modern and fun carpet for the corridor

Who doesn't love a good crossword puzzle eh? Well, this carpet is for all you crossword aficionados out there! A tortilla hued carpet with words meticulously picked out to emulate a crossword speaks for itself, don't you think?

4. A carpet at the halfway mark of the corridor

It does not mandate that the carpet has to run along the entirety of the hallway. You can have it placed just about anywhere, at the start, the end or perhaps the middle of the hallway as this image depicts. The decor of the corridor matches that of the carpet chosen.

5. A Moroccan carpet in the corridor

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This modern corridor seems all but complete without this wonderful carpet. The thick fiber carpet with motifs on it are a great addition to any room. It is the perfect way to welcome guests in your home as it gives out the right vibes.

6. A carpet running along the staircase

The parallel lines on this carpet add charm to the entire area. It's essentially a play on a very simple idea that's been beautifully executed.

For more inspiration on how to design your staircase, look here.

7. Earthy tones for the carpet

This hallway sticks to earthy or neutral tones. To match up to it, the carpets for the staircase and the corridor are also of the same hue. The color combination of the entire area is noteworthy while the lights add the right glow to the area.

8. Vintage carpets for the corridor

Vintage carpets are a rare buy and often cost a great deal because of their uniqueness. If you so happen to get a hold of them, be sure that you place them in the corridor or bedroom to bring out the best in these areas.

9. How about a red carpet for the corridor?

What's an indoor library without an inviting red carpet after all! The rustic elements of the library are complimented with the addition of this lovely accessory.

Here is more inspiration for you!

Which idea inspired you the most?

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