22 staircase railing designs you never imagined (we bet they'll impress you)

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It's no doubt that stairs have become an essential element of any home. The overall home decor can be accentuated with a luxury staircase as the centerpiece! Over the years, styles have changed and there has been an adaptation to modern tastes, but the underlying truth is that the importance of staircases hasn't faded. Of late, there is a paradigm shift towards staircase railings. While different factors contribute towards the beauty of a staircase, the railing is a deciding one. A well designed handrail is a must have and can light up the room in a blink of an eye! Here are 22 ideas that will steal your heart away!

1. Simple and solid staircase railings

A steel banister running along the length of the staircase is all you really need if you're looking to spruce up the space in your home. The reflective surface of the brown stairs is accentuated by the furniture chosen to accompany the stairway.

2. Glass surface steel railing

Rather than opting for a single lined railing, you can go for a glass sheet such as this which runs vertically from top to bottom. You can add lighting to the area to bring out the best in your staircase. The play on colors really plays a role in this case!

3. A minimalist staircase railing

This is a classic case of less is more. An all white staircase against a white background is simply completed with the addition of a black steel railing. Add in a simple glow and perhaps minimalist accessory such as a plan and you are left with quite the visual treat.

4. Floating stairs with vertical staircase railings

A 3-D staircase is never too much for any room now is it? Especially when it's topped off with vertical railings such as these. Planks of wood serve as the stairs while the vertical railings form the banisters for this wonderful staircase.

5. Geometric stylish staircase railings

The railings of the staircase don't have to be plain. You can go for patterned railings with geometric designs within or something more intrinsic depending on your liking. With a wooden banister to top it off, this staircase is simply beautiful.

6. An ultramodern staircase design

How about a staircase the looks like this? It is a modern play on elements that coherently work together giving rise to the bigger picture that is this marvel. Not only does it visually emulate a modern day escalator but also adds beauty to the area in which it is placed.

7. A unique design for the staircase railing

Who needs symmetrical staircase railings when you can have asymmetrical ones right? This staircase is elegant and graceful as it takes on blue and orange hues. At first glance it appears to look like orange ribbons wrapped around the railing!

8. Elegant lavish staircase railings

A grandeur staircase is all but incomplete without the addition of the railings to match up to it. The wall of this stairway is lined with lights to bring life to each stair. The railings of the staircase are divided into two parts for a better effect.

9. A closed staircase

A covered staircase also works well in a modern home such as this. The casing lets you trace the entirety of the staircase in a single glance. The colors of coffee and chestnut are indeed the perfect pairing.

10. Light wooden staircase railings

Simple designs such as this can make their way into your home if you so wish. The railings have been used as a show case. This is a clever idea if you find that space constrains you and you cannot accommodate a show case in your home.

11. Red handrail for the staircase

A fancy handrail can also add modernity to the area as is seen in this image. Not only is it simple, and chic, but also elegant. For a better effect be sure to pick out bright colors for the handrail. This takes focus away from small spaces.

12. Spotlights in the staircase railings

In order to add an edge to a regular staircase, you can line the railing with lights. This is helpful for outdoor staircases, particularly during the night or late evening. You can also add plants to the space beneath the staircase for a more complete look.

13. An artistic staircase railing

Another common staircase railing idea, is to make use of intrinsic art. The railings can be of any color though a preferred choice would be golden. The professional touch on this railing makes it the perfect addition to your living room.

14. Minimalist staircase railing

Departamento, AT103 AT103 Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs

A railing is essentially a lines of metal that run along the entire staircase. What if you chose to up the ante with a single railing that traces your staircase? You will be left with a minimalist staircase that will make onlookers go wow.

15. Camuflate

No staircase ideabook is complete without this marvelous idea. Call it an ode to prehistoric times or an encapsulation of modern design- this is simply genius. With wooden shafts to form the entire staircase the stairs fall to the ground with utmost grace.

16. Iron tangle staircase railing

A web of iron has been used as decor for this staircase. The stairs have been lined with lamps of the same such material to complete the overall look of this stairway. White stairs when combined with this iron web make for the complete picture.

17. A chic staircase railing

This staircase emulates a spiral that has been twisted, but only just! Rustic white and black have been chosen to represent this stairway. To add to it, the space under the staircase is used up efficiently leaving no stone unturned!

18. Mesh staircase railing

Grille or mesh is also an effective material for staircase railings. This staircase however, makes use of an entire sheet that traces the border of each stair. For more inspiration, here is the ideal ideabook for you to browse through!

19. Iron plate staircase railing

An iron plate railing such as this does wonders for the living space. The iron plate as gaps within it that add an edge over all else. Complimenting the staircase with neutral hues of furniture will be the best bet, don't you think?

20. Geometric staircase railing

Spiral railings often speak for themselves, but if you're looking to capitalize on just that, you can opt for a geometric spiral railing. The addition of this makes it seem like the railing is lined with lace which runs all the way to the bottom.

21. Perfect for a musician

How about a themed staircase that depicts the musician within? The railings are simply used to represent the strings of a guitar while the wall is used to create the illusion of a guitar railing! The bottom of the staircase also hosts discs which represent a guitar.

22. Natural and rustic staircase railing

Last, but definitely not the least is this rustic stairway. The spaces between the staircase make this brick walled staircase all the more beautiful.

Small spaces no longer have to stop you from restricting a staircase. Don't believe us? Check out this interesting ideabook.

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