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8 Feng Shui ideas that bring positive energy

Rachel Grossman—Homify Rachel Grossman—Homify
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With the new year fast approaching, the saying 'out with the old, in with the new' couldn't be more apt when it comes to matters of your home. The principles of Feng Shui enable you to breathe more life into your living space, creating both a happy, welcoming and healthy home. It aims to achieve balance in both your working space, and your living space so as to maximize your potential of success in every avenue of your life. When literally translated, Feng Shui amounts to 'wind water'. While wind scatters energy, water holds energy. Here are some ideas that you can use in your home to bring in positive energy.

1. Keep the entrance clean

Positive energy enters into a home through the entrance or front door. Having a blocked walkway or a cluttered entrance hinders the entry of this positive energy. Make sure that the entrance is always kept neat and tidy for maximum benefit.

Here is more on how you can design your front door.

2. Have plants at home

If you want to attract wealth this new year, then make use of plants and a water fountain in your home. Jade plants and fountains symbolize wealth and finance according to the principles of Feng Shui. In addition to monetary benefits, your health also improves with flowers and plants inside the house.

3. Decide on the perfect mirror

Mirrors have often been referred to as the aspirin of Feng Shui as they are known to cure many problems in a given space. Be sure to use whole mirrors where you can see yourself in one piece. This gives you a sense of completeness whenever you see yourself.

4. Keep your shoes away

According to Feng Shui, a home is divided into three distinct areas- heaven, man, and earth respectively. Shoes belong to the earth section of a home which means that the height of the shoe rack should not exceed one-third the height of the house. It is also advised that the shoe rack be kept outside the bedroom.

5. Decorate in a personal way

There are a number of Feng Shui ornaments that each signify a different aspect to bring into your home. You can make use of Chi Lions which bring strong, protective Feng Shui energy with the blessings of good health and prosperity. Or perhaps Fu Dogs which symbolize social status and family wealth.

6. Clarity begins in the hallway

The hallway represents opportunities which means that it is essential to keep it clutter free so that there is a circulation of energy. Be sure to keep coats, shoes and the like, in a closed cupboard so that they don't stagnate the energy. Place fresh flowers in the hall to instantly uplift the energy of the space.

7. Add Feng Shui to your kitchen

The kitchen is a vital space- its energy represents relationship harmony and nourishment of the occupants. The stove and the sink should not be opposite to each other as this leads to arguments in the household creating a clash between water and fire. Go for lighter colors in the kitchen.

8. Use aromatic essential oils

Essential oils help clear out the negative energy in your home. You can choose to put distilled water in a spritzer bottle, adding three to six droplets of oil to it. Use this solution to spritz the air. You can use cinnamon and frankincense if someone in your home is ill. Rose oil signifies love, and orange, joy.

For more ideas on Feng Shui, visit this link.

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