8 beautiful DIY home garden ideas

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A house without a garden is like a body without life. A garden in a house completes it and adds a natural instinct to it. Not just for the nature lovers but also for everyone who breathes the air and walks this earth, nature is a magical way of promising the presence of God. No matter small or big, having a garden in the house is everyone’s desire. Here are some unique ideas for various types of gardens and ways of decorating them depending upon the choice and availability of space.

In-house gardens

The in-house gardens look just as beautiful as the outdoor parks. Bringing the freshness, life and color inside the house makes it look more lively and close to nature. The apt choice of plants that can live and grow inside the house is of prime importance in this kind of a garden. Keeping a little sunlight and water available to the plants is a must and hence, the placement of the plants in a manner where they can get a good amount of both also matters.

Classic style gardens

If one has a well spaced out open area it can be easily converted into an open garden. Lining it up with beautiful trees of choice to give enough shade in the sun and keeping it simple with only green grass around gives a very impressive look. The classic styled gardens are easy to maintain and look spectacular at the same time. With busy days and nights one can easily maintain this simple yet elegant style of garden.

A well lit garden

A garden is the most beautiful place in the house. Apart from
its beauty it is the most relaxing zone as well. Everyone likes to spend time amidst the greens and the pretty colorful flowers that blossom in the gardens. To make it brighter and happier for the family to spend more time here together the lightening up of this space is very essential. Light up the garden with beautiful and bright lamps and lanterns so as to give enough light in the night as well. A well lit garden looks just as pretty in the night as it is in the morning sun. 

For more lighting options for your garden have a look here for Lighting  options.

A fountain garden

Easily accessorized, the garden with various additions to it enhances to its modern and stylish look. With constant water supply in the garden it stays green and looks beautiful. An addition to the garden area is a fountain built or kept in it. A beautiful fountain running in the midst of the greens imparts a very elegant look to the garden. It helps to enhance the beauty and can easily be a manner to garner water to the plants by arranging drainage into the garden itself.

An array of planters garden

With less of space one wonders how to maintain a garden area. It seems ideally not possible. However, the modern way of planting beautiful plants and groom flowers are to let them grow in the planters. These planters come in a variety of colors and look just so pretty. So here’s an easy way out of making a small garden even with a tiny available area in a home or apartment. Check out some more colorful planters here: plant pots & yases

Water pumps in the garden

A very traditional and old way of decorating a garden is adding a small hand pump to it. Although,  it is such a charming little thing in the garden, a water pump looks retro. It will help in gardening easily and watering the plants along with adding a cute little attraction to the garden.

A walled garden with natural shrubbery

Another very designer and modern style to add to the garden is creating a wall full of shrubberies on it.  This green wall garden designed by Acosta arquitecto,  is a  wall full of green leaves and just a slim tiled border looks spectacular. The lights at night and sunlight in the morning allow them to glitter and look the most attractive part of the garden area.

Tree houses in the garden

Kids always love to play in the garden areas. Add a small tree
house to the tree in the garden and let the children enjoy the space with complete fun and zeal. The small hanging house looks pretty, allows the children to enjoy and have fun with the additional swings and slides. Altogether, it turns into a very efficient use of the garden along with the giggles of the children that makes it the happiest corner of the house. 

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