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15 smart solutions to place the TV in living room

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All the rooms in a house should be done in a manner that they have a comfortable and warm ambience. This is particularly applicable for rooms, where get together of family and friends take place and various kinds of activities are done. The living room is the perfect example in this regard. This is the reason that living rooms are designed in a special manner with the right kinds of materials, furniture and textures so that the best ambience can be created.

Along with the different items of décor which are there in a living room, there are many entertainment elements as well. The television screen is important in this regard. Mentioned below are 15 TV room designs, which are truly inspiring!

1. One of the best places for a TV screen

TV screens are flat now and can be installed easily on a wall. Create an environment by planning it well and see that the television screen can be installed at a strategic location. Choose the wall in the room which has abundant space and install the TV in a manner so that it becomes the center of attraction and entertainment in the space.

2. A piece of furniture for keeping the sound system, DVDs and other entertainment elements

Remote controls, DVDs, auxiliary speakers and other similar elements generally lie strewn here and there in a room, making the place disorganised. It is best to install a piece of furniture in the room where all these elements can be kept in an organised manner. The proportions, design, material, colour, texture and style of the furniture should be such that it should be in sync with the size and the setting of the room.

3. Creating a space sans obstacles

The television should be installed in the room in such a manner that it is visible from all the places in the room without any kinds of hindrances and obstacles. Generally the seating arrangement is done, facing the screen. There is usually a table in the front. Ensure that there are no high objects on the same, so that visibility is obstructed.

4. Working with lighting options in the room

Lighting plays a pivotal role in deciding how a room looks in a house. Therefore, there should be proper planning about the lights. It is recommended to have several light points in the room, which can be used as and when needed. For instance, where television is not being watched, general illumination in the room seems just fine. But when the television is turned on, the intensity of light should be minimised. Having a system of dimmers is an excellent idea in this regard. This helps in facilitating the intensity and quantity of light in the whole environment. Refrain from installing ceiling lamps, right on the TV screen. Find a suitable place for the lamps in the room so that they look good, but not hamper the visibility of the television screen.

5. The curtains need to be taken care of

In most apartments and houses, there are large windows with glass through which abundant amount of light enters into the house. This light can cause unwanted reflections on the screen of the television. In such a situation, you need to have curtains on the windows so that the light is blocked. Choose curtains which are in sync with the décor and the design of the room. In many places, people use blinds instead of curtains so that light entry in the room can be controlled.

6. The furniture choice

It is always being said that the choice of furniture in the room should be cosy and comfortable. It should be selected as per the size of the room, so that along with imparting aesthetic appeal to the place, the room looks neat and tidy.

7. Installing L-shaped sofas

When you want to utilise the space in a room perfectly, there is a great option of installing sofas in L-shape. Along with space utilisation, the sofas can accommodate large numbers of people. Get on the sofa with your favourite snacks and enjoy the show with family and friends.

8. Coatings on wall

While designing the décor of the living room in a house, various kinds of elements are used and combined so that the place looks spectacular. Coverings can help in reinforcing the décor of a place significantly. Coverings can be adjusted as per personal tastes, style and the use of the materials for bringing out the best effects.

Using wood for coverings is one of the best options as this material imparts warmth and cosiness along with elegance and sophistication. Such coverings can be used in rooms with different kinds of settings. For a room where there is the television, wooden coverings provide kind of charm which is unparallel. The end result of the design is simply amazing!

9. Spectacular and cosy settings

Adding coatings and coverings is definitely a grand idea. But how about adding elements, which make the place more welcoming in nature? In this room, there are stone walls and the television is placed in front of such a wall. The fireplace by the wall also adds to the beauty, sophistication and elegance of the place.

10. For people who love minimalistic design and décor

If you are one who loves cleanliness and simplicity in room designs and décor, this is the design for you. This room is done in perfect white shade. There is a central wall in the room, which is the main element of the construction. The television screen is installed on this wall. There is also a very elegant fire place right under the TV screen. This place gives a distinguished touch and adds contrast colour to the whole room.

11. Discretion and use of colours

Vitality of colours is no doubt wonderful and beautiful. This room design and décor is perfect idea for the same. Neutral colours are used in the room in general with shades like white, wooden and black. Colour effect can be seen in the sliding furniture door of the television screen. A vibrant shade is added to the place in an innovative manner. This system also helps in keeping the television screen concealed when it is not in use.

12. Lots of colours in the room

Check out this room setting and you will be amazed by the use of such vibrant hues in the place. This will probably be a décor trend in coming 2018. The living room gets renewed air with so many colours, adding to the joy and fun element. The large television screen occupies one wall completely.

13. Combination of sobriety and elegance

Check out the design and décor of this living room and you will understand what a classic combination of sobriety and elegance the place is. Using neutral colours is the best option in this room. This is because these colours never go out of style and fashion and help in reflecting elegance and comfort at its best. As a result, a perfect ambience is created to enjoy the best movies and programs on television.

14. Avant- garde

In this living room setup, the television is the main protagonist without doubt. The reflection of the television can be seen on the shiny ceiling and imparts a unique style. The other furniture used in the room is made of wood, but has awesome modern style and design.

15. A room in which you can watch television alone or with friends

This room setting in the house will help in enjoying moments of reflection and tranquility. In fact, if you want to have important and intimate meetings, the place is perfect for that as well. The placement of the television screen adds to the appeal of the room significantly.

Which are these smart solutions appealed to you the most? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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