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23 unique colour ideas that will make your kitchen look fancy

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When it comes to kitchens, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green are the perfect to bring life to the kitchen. Each of these shades help create a warm and welcoming space. If you are looking to ramp up the look of your kitchen, you don't have to go all in! All you need is to pick out the right colors for your kitchen that tailor its size, shape and decor. It's not as difficult as it sounds! So without any further adieu, here are some of the best color schemes for your kitchen.

1. Crimson hues for the kitchen

Crimson is a nice color to paint the walls of your kitchen with. It is a bold choice that stands out rather effectively. For best results, make use of a combination of red painted walls with white or neutral kitchen stands.

2. A kitchen with off white shades

An all white kitchen is another great idea that deserves exploration. With a white kitchen top, white hanging lamps and white flooring you simply cannot go wrong! For a contrasting effect though, you can go with colored kitchen stools as is seen in this image.

3. Wood and clear white for the kitchen

Wood and white contrast each other perfectly well. If an all white ensemble seems like all too much to maintain, then this would be the ideal choice for you. Having a dedicated wall lined with wood is a great idea. White kitchen stools will simply complete the picture.

4. Rustic style and royal blue for the kitchen

Royal blue is a rare color to find in the kitchen which makes this kitchen all the more desirable. To contrast the brightness of the royal blue sink a rustic wooden kitchen table is chosen. With hanging lights the kitchen looks like it has been picked from medieval times.

5. A kitchen which comes in industrial grey hues

Modern homes can make use of a kitchen with industrial grey hues. This works especially well in small compact kitchens. The kitchen cabinets and refrigerator stick to grey hues while the kitchen table and stools factor in white hues.

6. Pastel turquoise for the kitchen

For a lighter touch you can opt for pastel turquoise colors for the walls of the kitchen. It has a very soothing effect and can be teamed up with wooden flooring, a granite kitchen table top and white cabinets and cupboards.

7. Yellow for the kitchen

If you like to create a positive vibe in the kitchen you can opt for sunny shades of yellow. This kitchen makes use of yellow cabinets which are teamed up with a granite kitchen table top. Black tiles bridge the gap between the cabinets while the chimney and stove are of steel.

8. How about granite for the kitchen?

Another variant of granite comes in grey with black and white freckles. This makes an effective kitchen table top and dining table top. You can go for a combination of wooden and white cabinets for a complete kitchen.

9. Can't leave out the option of wood in the kitchen

Walnut veneer makes a wonderful material for the kitchen cabinets. To create a nice visual effect, you can combine silver kitchen appliances with these cabinets. This is a great idea for modern compact kitchens.

10. White tiles for the kitchen walls

White tiles make a good addition to the kitchen, especially if they are smaller in size. It's a nice detail to add in the kitchen. To create a wow element, you can opt for a sea green cabinet such as this. When teamed up with wooden cabinets, you have the picture perfect kitchen.

11. Cement is a great option for the kitchen

When it comes to decor in the kitchen, there really are no rules that limit the materials you can make use of. Polished cement can be made use of in the kitchen as part of the kitchen table. To compliment this, you can opt for a wooden dining table and creamy white kitchen cabinets,

12. Marble for the kitchen

Opulence resides in the wonderful material that is marble. While marble does come in a variety of hues, black seems perfect for the kitchen. Mainly because of the fact that kitchen stains won't show but also because of the sheer dynamics it adds to the area. For smaller kitchens, marble combined with caramel painted walls is perfect.

13. Green tiles in the kitchen

To level up on the kitchen front, you can choose green tiles such as these. To bring out the best in them, you can opt for lighting that runs along the kitchen cabinets. If you have a cozy kitchen with unique, rustic kitchen cabinets, this is the ideal idea!

14. Mustard walls for the kitchen

To create a warm, homely feeling you can turn to shades of yellow, or mustard. With wooden flooring, the look is accentuated. The kitchen shelves are also wooden, matching that of the floor for a complete look.

15. Bricks and blue for the kitchen

If you have a one walled kitchen such as this, then this idea is going to leave you absolutely spellbound! The choice of royal blue really catches the eye while the detailing of the tiling brings out the best in this kitchen.

16. Lacquered red for the kitchen

For a stylish kitchen you can opt for lacquered red with contrasting areas of ivory. The kitchen island is a beautiful manifestation of the aforementioned idea. The appliances and cabinets of the kitchen are all polished with the grace that lacquered red has to offer.

17. How about a teal themed kitchen?

Teal is a simply beautiful color to add to just about any area of your home, in particular the kitchen. The kitchen cabin unit is teal in color while the kitchen island has drawers of the same hue. A perfectly polished ceramic tiled floor completes this kitchen.

18. Brown for the kitchen

Smaller kitchens work better with darker hues as opposed to lighter ones. This is mainly due to the fact that it takes focus away from the size of the room. Brown works well with metallic appliances and perhaps a simple white tiled floor such as this.

19. Colorful mosaic for the kitchen

How about going all in with a wide variety of colors? We tested the results with this kitchen, and by the looks of it, it's an absolute hit! We begin at the base with white cabinets running which are then met by an indigo tiled wall- finally topped off with an expressive set of colorful cabinets that are simply wonderful.

20. Vivid green for the kitchen

How about replicated a bit of the outdoors, indoors? This kitchen does just that by teaming vivid green colored tiles with chestnut brown cabinets. Definitely feels like a day out in the woods, now doesn't it?

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21. Grey is also a great color for the kitchen

Grey is a wonderful color for the kitchen as it emanates sober vibes which can be essential in the kitchen. If you have existing furniture in the kitchen and are looking to create an all grey theme, then you can make use of a grey cupboard to host your existing furniture!

22. Pastel blue hues in the kitchen

Patel blue, too emanates soft, gentle vibes that is very soothing to be amidst. You can opt for contrasting colors such as white and grey to finish it off.

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23. Black and orange for the kitchen

Black and orange make a unique combination as is demonstrated in this idea. You can go for an industrialized look right in the kitchen with the right lighting, decor and appliances. Just follow this image and you are good to go!

Tell us which one is your favorite!

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