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7 ideas to colour your home in 2018

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
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We have come to the end of 2017 and it's time to take stock. The farewells are always accompanied by some nostalgia, for what could have been and was not, but there is always an excitement that comes with a new season. What will come next? How will the interiors be in 2018? What styles mark the most contemporary proposals? What is trendy in 2018? 

In interior design and interior decoration there are no shortage of fashionable styles, so in this book of ideas we have added some chromatic trends for 2018. Want to know what the most popular colors will be? Join us, and find out for yourself! 

1. Color accents

The hot and earthy colors also appear among the trends for 2018. This bet partly replaces the taste for the minimalist palette that was the protagonist in the previous seasons. Any space in the house can be dressed in these shades and can be harmonised with combinations of other chromatic nuances that enhance the beauty of the compositions.

Dark green and emerald green will be among the most used colors, as well as cherry red.

2. Cosmic inspiration

Lovers of the celestial sphere will also find in the chromatic palette of trends for 2018 some proposals capable of satisfying their decorative desires. Colors inspired by the cosmos will become a popular part of the new season with metallic finishes and shades that evoke quartz and purplish tones. You can use these colors not only as wall coverings, but also in decorative accents such as curtains, cushions and other textiles, giving spaces a halo of romanticism, optimism and lightness.

3. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is one of the colors that arrived to stay and is already a trend. The Autumn / Winter proposals included this tonality in a panoply of variants from the coarsest to the purest marine tones. You can bet on this color to completely transform the aesthetics of any division. You can complement cobalt with light woods and metals or gold parts. The results will be fabulous either way. 

If you prefer other shades of blue, try having a look at our article titled: best use of teal blue and grey.

4. Green, I like you green!

Green is the color of hope, and this year, this color, in its darker shades, will be a trend. Harmony, freshness, stability and, in its most popular version, wealth: these are some of the meanings inherent to green that will become part of many interiors with a clear protagonist character.

In addition to coloring the walls, the dark green will emerge in detail, decorative accessories and even pieces of furniture that will lend depth to the rooms. This color is ideal for entering contrast in environments dominated by white and neutral tones.

For more ideas and inspiration, have a look at our article titled '5 different shades of green.'

5. The elegance of gray

Although the taste for  minimalist environments will give way to other chromatic proposals, this year, shades of gray will continue to be a trend. Neutral colors will be present in the decoration of  rooms, giving life to an elegant and modern atmosphere. Its presence will not be limited to walls. On the contrary, it will acquire relevance in tapestries and furniture, creating interesting contrasts with details in wood.

Nevertheless, gray will occupy a prominent place, fundamentally with metallized and brilliant finishes in contemporary and sophisticated environments.

6. The kitchen revolution

bedroom is not the same as a living room, a bathroom or a dining room. Each space has its singularities. Although there is a common denominator in terms of color trends in 2018, there are certain peculiarities that will circumscribe very specific divisions. In the case of the  kitchen, the color black will occupy a good part of the protagonist role.  

7. Other proposals

We have already said that warm tones will play an important part in chromatic trends for 2018, but in this respect there are certain tones that deserve a separate chapter. Terracotta colors such as siena or bronze will be a perfect choice for the decoration of rooms, as pictured here. 

Special mention should also be made of orange that, fundamentally in its darker hues, will give the environment energy and vitality, as well as an undeniable visual warmth.

We hope you've gathered some great tips for this brand new year. For more ideas and inspiration, you can have a look at the latest sofa bed trends for 2018.

Which color trend for 2018 do you like the best? 

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