15 pictures of spectacular gardens (some look like they belong in a fairy tale)

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Everyone dreams of a large house with a garden in which they can relax after a busy day, enjoying the greenery or taking a dip in the pool. However, some gardens are more than just a decorative or functional element. They are so beautiful that they transport you to paradise. We’ve put together this ideabook with 15 of the most magical gardens we have come across. Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Aladdin’s garden

This gorgeous garden looks like it belongs in a middle-eastern palace, with palm trees, fountains and large decorative urns. The cabana at the side is perfect for sitting and viewing the luxurious greenery all around.  Dreamy, isn’t it?

2. Lap of luxury

A narrow garden space should not restrict you from installing a pool. Take inspiration from this spectacular lap pool that sits perfectly in the limited width of the garden, in addition to complementing the luxuriousness of this modern home.

3. Dipping pool with a covered deck

If you can’t have a full-sized pool in the garden, a smaller one that is surrounded by greenery, and a covered deck on one side for sunbathing, is a perfect way to make the space look enchanting.

4. Countryside cosiness

This garden looks larger than life with its tall pillars and oversized planters. However, the choice of natural elements such as wood and cane on the chairs and table, and the patterned cushion covers, bring country-style charm to it.

5. Stairway to heaven

Even indoor gardens can be mesmerising when they are well-designed, like this one with floating wooden stairs that seem to lead to the sky.

6. Wonderland

This eclectic design is reminiscent of the tea party in Alice in Wonderland. A quaint painted planter that doubles up as a table, cosy seating that wraps around the table with plants growing out of the armrest, and whimsical lights hanging down from the ceiling. It’s fantastic!!

7. In a cave

When the surrounding landscape includes large rocky surfaces, take advantage of it to by creating a cave like setting with greenery and seating. It will be a perfect retreat to which you can escape at the end of the day.

8. Indoor desert

This minimalist design uses stones, bamboo and palm to create a desert-like setting. It’s an easy-to-maintain garden as it requires minimal care.

9. Enchanted forest

With creative design, even a vertical garden can transform into a spectacular mini-forest. In this image, the charming wrought-iron staircase adds to the environment by appearing to travel up into the clouds.

10. Indoor beauty

Some spaces can be magical because they allow you to connect with nature without having to step outdoors, like this bathroom that opens into an enclosed private garden.

11. Royal courtyard

Once again, the use of tall features, such as the pillars and plants, creates a setting that has a regal air. The seating area resembles a private courtyard where the Royals can relax.

12. Sculptural beauty

Even an ordinary garden can look special with the addition of a single whimsical feature. In this case, the sculptural palm makes the space memorable.

13. Mediterranean magic

This garden looks simple on the face of it, but take a closer look, and you will see that it has all the essentials – plants, trees, a water feature and seating. The beautiful tiled table and wrought-iron chairs are perfect for this Mediterranean-style house.

14. Rock pool

Instead of a swimming pool, you can create a more natural-looking rock pool in the corner of your garden to bring a charming element to the space.

15. Private garden

With high walls bordering the lawn, this garden is the ultimate private space for relaxation. The use of stone on the wall as well as the floor enhances the connection with nature within the enclosed space.

Which of these garden designs is your favourite? Answer in the comments.

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