12 small furniture ideas to improve your bedroom

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Planning a small bedroom can be a wonderful experience once you get past the initial challenging phase that is! With the right techniques and tips you can turn your snug little room into a dreamy retreat that will leave you with space to spare! From clever storage solutions to furniture that multitasks, these great ideas will breathe new life into your small bedroom. Take a look at the following great furniture ideas to improve your bedroom!

1. A bed that folds up into the wall

Here is another folding bed idea for you to experiment with. With this folding bed there is no need for a bedroom in itself! You can have this right in your living room. The best part about this idea is that it can also serve as a sitting area if need be.

2. A compact folding bed for the bedroom

Folding beds are a wonderful idea for any small bedroom. They can be drawn whenever you would like to get some rest and folded back when no longer needed. This leaves you with plenty of space to move around in your room. You can include it as part of the shelf for best results.

3. How about a wardrobe and a bed all at once?

You can also have a wardrobe that folds out into a bed! This can be neatly folded up as is seen in the first image when you do not need it. You can use the shelves of the wardrobe to store your belongings or you can use it as a showpiece.

4. A bunker bed for the bedroom

Bunker beds are another easy storage space hack for your bedroom. You can have a folding bunker bed such as this. The best part is that it occupies no floor space leaving you with plenty of room. Beneath the bunker bed you can have a sofa set.

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5. A bookshelf alongside your bed!

The best thing about folding beds is that they can be placed just about anywhere- either the bedroom, the living room, or perhaps even the corridor like this! You can incorporate the folding bed as a part of your bookshelf even. Who wouldn't like to fall asleep reading after all, eh?

6. A shelf that folds out for the bedroom

Fläpps Shelf 80x40x2 – White AMBIVALENZ Minimalist study/office Plywood White Storage

Fläpps Shelf 80x40x2 – White


Since we're on the topic of folding beds, it's no surprise that folding shelves come in next. You can add them just about anywhere and have them act as a storage unit for either your books or perhaps even a nice vase such as this. This way you can show off your favorite show piece without having to give up any space on the floor.

7. A study that folds up in the bedroom

When you're not at your study, there is no need for it to occupy space, now is there? With this table that folds you can save a great deal of space. It's as simple as opening it out only when you need it and that's it!

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8. How about this attractive chair for your bedroom?

Folding Chair Fläpps – Criss Cross Red AMBIVALENZ Minimalist dining room Plywood Multicolored Chairs & benches

Folding Chair Fläpps – Criss Cross Red


Folding chairs also deserve mention in this ideabook. You can use them when you are short of seats when you are entertaining. This is an easy way to save space as you can simply fold it and keep it aside when you no longer need it.

9. A bed that functions as a storage unit as well

Main space homify Eclectic style bedroom

Main space


How about a bed which serves as a storage unit as well? Instead of leaving the space beneath the bed by itself you can convert it into a storage unit! You can introduce drawers, shelves, cupboards or just about anything you like.

10. Two in one: Stairs that function as drawers

How about using the space beneath the bed as a storage space. You can add drawers to it which can function as stairs leading up to that warm cozy bed of yours! Placing your bed in a corner of the bedroom is the best solution if you want to save space.

12. An all in one utility for the bedroom

A single utility for all your bedroom needs is the best idea if you're looking to save space. You an have a wardrobe, shoe rack, TV, bed, bookshelf and so on all in a single unit! Imagine the space that you will be left with after you add this to your home!

13. An elevated bed that has it all!

Lastly, this bed can be added to your bedroom to save space. It's at an elevated height which means that you can use the bottom as a storage space. Either as a book shelf or a shoe rack- the choice is entirely yours.

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