9 ideas to build your stone garden (it does look beautiful)

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Gardens are a wonderful addition to a home, but not everyone has the space or time to maintain one. For every distinct type of weather, there are plants which grow. This means that you can have some sort of garden all year around! If you're someone who is in the quest for low maintenance gardens, stone gardens are the best bet! Not only do they add to the aesthetics of your home but also purify the air you breathe. Check out these 9 stone garden designs of all sizes that will inspire you to start making your own right away!

1. A stone garden emulating a desert design

This is a great idea if you live in dry weather or don't find time to maintain a garden. Make use of cacti that come in varied sizes and shapes and have them line the wall of your garden like this. On the other end, you could opt for a black pebble bed with sprouts of greenery.

2. A pathway in the garden

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If you have patches of greenery in the garden and are looking for the ideal filler, here is the perfect idea. You can also add a pathway of stones that curve in to the garden in this manner. Elements such as rocks can also be made use of.

3. White pebbles in the garden to receive visitors

The lawn need not be a single stretch of greenery as this next garden depicts. You can separate patches of the lawn with a bed of pebbles. Use stones, rocks or potted plants to decorate the area for a more wholesome look.

4. A two dimension stone garden

This garden flips the regular dimension of garden. There is a vertical garden that is buzzing with life all over! You can choose to grow just about any plant that you like. The bottom of the garden can have a bed of white pebbles for a contrasting effect.

5. An interior stone garden

How about your very own indoor glass house! If you have an empty space at home, you can fill it with a stone garden such as this. All you really need are a couple of of potted plants and white pebbles to line the bed of your indoor garden.

6. An indoor garden with a pond

If you want to add dynamism to your garden, you can add a pool to your garden. The addition of water to the garden is a nice touch while the flowers and greenery speak for themselves really. Alternate with your choice of white and black pebbles for a complete look.

7. A complete outdoor stone garden

If you are blessed with a patio or have ample space in your backyard, this is the perfect idea. Create a cafe like experience right at home! With neatly trimmed bushes, flowers and pebbles this is a must have. To really soak in on the experience add a table and chair.

8. A garden with a wall of stone

The wall of this garden is laden with rocks that add a nice effect to the area. A tree trunk table between the chairs is a nice touch while the flower pots and the Feng Shui element simply complete the garden.

Here's how you can fit a garden anywhere!

9. A garden crate, anyone?

In the age of innovation it's no surprise that pots designed in the shape of a crater could be used to house your flowers and pots. A drizzle of pebbles should be able to help you out there!

For more spectacular garden ideas, visit this ideabook.

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